Let’s go ho ho ho and start the Christmas countdown now!
Log-in and play every day until Christmas and receive special treats. <3

– Login and play for 1hr (accumulated) daily.
– The character must be level 15 and above to be qualified in this event.
– Your reward will be sent via Mail after you complete the 1hr game time.
– If you play for 30 minutes in the morning, the count of the time will continue if you play again in the afternoon.

Event Duration: December 14 to 25 only

Day 1 – 20pc Upcut Stone (soul linked)
Day 2 – 10pcs Activition (soul linked)
Day 3 – 10pcs Power Scroll (soul linked)
Day 4 – 5pcs Scroll of Resurrection (Event) (soul linked)
Day 5 – 20pcs Vital Drink X (Event) (soul linked)
Day 6 – 10pcs Refresher Hold (Event) (soul linked)
Day 7 – 5pcs Scroll of Acquisition (Low) (soul linked)
Day 8 – 10pcs Grilled Eel (Event) (soul linked)
Day 9 – 2pcs Scroll of Amplification Q (1 Day) (soul linked)
Day 10 – 3pcs Luzon Power Up Box
Day 11 – 3pcs Visayas Power Up Box
Day 12 – 3pcs Mindanao Power Up Box

Complete all 12 days and get Red Butterfly Wings (Ride).

Note: You must complete the previous day to get the next day reward.
Example 1: If you do not complete the Day 1 – 5 then you log in and play for 1hr on Day 6, you will still get the reward of Day 1.
Example 2: If you complete Day 1 – 5 and you skip Day 6, you will get the Day 6 reward on the next day you log in and play for 1hr.

Happy Holidays FlyFFers!