Roikans! Get to know the FAQs on our upcoming SERVER MERGE!

Q: When will the Server Merge happen?

A:  The Lord Pang Server Merge will begin on August 11, 2021.

Q: How many servers will merge?

A: 2 Servers – Lord Pang will be merged to Rhisis.


Q: What happens if I have multiple characters under one single account in those 2 servers, will all of my characters under that account still exist?

A: Yes. Once the merge has been executed, all of your characters will be under one account based on the previous 2 servers. Each account will have a maximum of 12 character slots and it will depend on how many characters you have based on each server applied to Play ID, Google, and Facebook Accounts.


Q: Will my friends on Messenger be deleted?

A: No, all of your friends will be retained and won’t be deleted.


Q: What happens if I have an Identical “In-game name” on the other server? Will I lose my IGN or will it be automatically changed?

A: Character names will not be changed and it is not possible to have an identical name even under different servers. In case there’s a duplicate name, the first user who used the character name won’t need to change name. Although for others, they will need to change their character name. There will be a FREE change name on the first login.


Q: Will Couple EXP change in-game?

A: No, Couple EXP will remain the same.


Q: How about Character Details? (level, exp, stats, skills, quest, PK status, etc.)

A: Nothing will change after merging. Including the bank pin.


Q: How about the Items: Equip, Inventory, Bag, Bank, Mail, Running Duration of Premiums, Item Options (Element, Fashion Upgrade and Upgrade), Looter/Buff Pets, Attribute Pets, Fashion Sets, Transmuted Items.

A: Your precious items will not be looted and will stay the same upon merge.


Q: What happens if we have the same Guild Name on the other server?

A: Guild Name pop up window will appear whenever you use a duplicate name. If the Guild Master of a Guild with the same name doesn’t log in for 1 month or more, Guild Master authority will be provided to a Kingpin member. However, if the initial Guild Master continues to play the game after 1 month, change Guild Master authority to original Guild Master.


Q: What will happen to the Items and Penya stored in the Guild Warehouse?

A: Penya and Stored items will remain the same.