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Quest Location: Flaris NPC: Suspicious Lycanslope

Quest: Collect cooking to eat monster specials foods.

Requirement: Hunt level 30+ Monsters to get Monster Green Bean 2021, Monster Baked Corn 2021, and Juicy Meat 2021. Collect Monster Sugar 2021, and Monster Syrup 2021 in the Collecting area.

Objective: Collect 10 pcs of Monster Sugar 2021, Juicy Meat 2021, Monster Syrup 2021, Monster Green Bean 2021, and Monster Baked Corn 2021, and trade to Suspicious Lycanslope to get 1 pc Moster’s Special food Box 2021.

Level: Level 15+ character

Quest Type: Repeatable

Event Period: March 17 until April 14, 2021 8:00 AM (GMT+8)

Note:  Moster’s Special food Box 2021 contains random set items.

    No Set Effect

If you get Jewelry Candy Box 2021, it will contain either;

Once upgraded, the items will have two status options.

When both Jewelry Candy Rings are equipped, it will give you a set effect of:

Note: Set effect will not be changed even if both Jewelry Candy Rings are upgraded.