Here are the aspirants FlyFF Star of the Month

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Name: Renzo Ao
IGN: Dragneel

Why you should be our PlayPark FlyFF Star of the month?
I qualify as playpark flyff’s star of the month because of the knowledge that I have of the game. I am very sociable and socially confident.

What makes FlyFF your favorite game?
This is my favorite game because of the people I met online and the bond we created while leveling, the struggles we faced during Guild Wars. Without this game I would have never met these people whom I became friends with.



Name: Homyr Garcia
IGN: Arkisha

Why you should be our PlayPark FlyFF Star of the month?
I should be the next Playpark Flyff Star of the Month because I believe that my experience as a player of this game for 12 years can be used as a tool to understand and break the notion that playing online games is a waste of time or considered as useless. This game has a lot of things to offer and it gives us a platform where we can voice out our choices and opinions, as well as showcase the advantage or benefit of playing the aforementioned online game.

What makes FlyFF your favorite game?
Being able to communicate and gain friends from all over the country. I believe that’s the best gift I received from playing this game for so long. I am an only child and I have strict parents so I’m not really allowed to go out of our house without their permission. Growing up alone is really hard as communication is really important for the mental development of a child. In addition to that, “No man is an island”. We are not capable of living without having some sort of connection with someone. And that is why when my cousin invited me to play, I immediately said yes. For so many years, flyff became an alter world for me. I met a lot of people not just here in the Philippines but also from different countries. I spent a lot of time with them and even formed a guild. And now that I am back to the official server, I am amazed that some of the people I’ve met 5-10 years ago are also here. “Flyff is more than just a game. Flyff is a place where I met my second family”.




Name: John Edward L. Ledesma
IGN: MadaPaker

Why you should be our PlayPark FlyFF Star of the month?
I want to be a star of the month to motivate others and inspires to this game. And also i want to win the Lord Set

What makes FlyFF your favorite game?
This game is very memorable to me and one of my favorite online game since I was in grade schools until now that I am in a young adult stage

Qualified entries will be posted in FlyFF Facebook Page on April 23, 2020, at, 8:00 PM (GMT+8)
Sharing of entries are valid until April 29, 2020, at, 8:00 PM (GMT+8)
Winner will be selected based on the MOST NUMBER OF LEGIT PUBLIC SHARES from our Page.
The announcement of winners will be on April 30, 2020, at, 8:00 PM (GMT+8)
Winner will be featured in FlyFF website and social media accounts.


Lord Set (15 days Fashion set)
– Helmet of Dignity (Max. HP+999) [soul-linked]
– Suit of Dignity (Increase DEF+10%) [soul-linked]
– Gauntlet of Dignity (Increased Attack+10%) [soul-linked]
– Boots of Dignity (Speed+20%) [soul-linked]

5pcs Lord’s Cheer (EXP and Drop Rate +10%. Lasts 1 hour)
5pcs Lord’s Blessing (Attack and Defense Power +10%. Lasts 1 hour)
5pcs Lord’s Love (All Stats +15. Lasts 1 hour)
5pcs Lord’s Shout (Specia Shout color. Lasts 1 hour)
100pcs Lord’s Fireworks

Note: You can only be a player of the month once.
Prizes insertion is within 7 to 15 working days after the announcement of the winner.