Get bonus rewards for your FlyFF Shop purchase.

Promo Period: March 29 to April 1, 2019


  • Get an additional reward for every 100,000 CASH worth of purchase in FlyFF Shop
  • The promo will only apply per character and NOT per account.
  • There is no limit on the amount how much you purchase. Players will get the rewards as long as they reach the condition.
  • The insertion process is within 15 days after the event period.


  • 50pcs Cloak of the Almighty Dragon Random Box (RU)
  • 50pcs Cloak of the Fierce Dragon Random Box (RU)
  • 50pcs Cloak of the Wise Dragon Random Box (RU)

Box Contents:

You can get a random item listed below:

Cloak of the Almighty Dragon Random Box (RU) Cloak of the Fierce Dragon Random Box (RU) Cloak of the Wise Dragon Random Box (RU)
1pc Cloak of the Almighty Dragon (not the DK Set part) 1pc Cloak of the Fierce Dragon (not the DK Set part) 1pc Cloak of the Wise Dragon (not the DK Set part)
1pc XProtect 1pc XProtect 1pc XProtect
1pc GProtect 1pc GProtect 1pc GProtect
1pc AProtect 1pc AProtect 1pc AProtect
1pc SProtect 1pc SProtect 1pc SProtect
1pc Scroll of Amplification ES (S) 1pc Scroll of Amplification ES (S) 1pc Scroll of Amplification ES (S)
2pcs Activition 2pcs Activition 2pcs Activition


Cloak of the Almighty Dragon Cloak of the Fierce Dragon Cloak of the Wise Dragon
Critical Chance+13%
Critical Chance+13%
Increase Critical Damage+13%
Add Magical Power+100
Decreased Casting Time+13%


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Note: The rewards will be inserted on the character used in purchasing.