BNG Rewards

Get bonus rewards for your FlyFF Shop purchase.

Promo Period: May 15, 12:00 AM until May 22, 11:59PM (GMT+8)


  • Get an additional reward for every 100,000 CASH worth of purchase in FlyFF Shop
  • The promo will only apply per character and NOT per account.
  • There is no limit on the amount how much you purchase. Players will get the rewards as long as they reach the condition.
  • The insertion process is within 15 days after the event period.




✅ 10pcs Lightspeed Mask Dragon King Box
✅ 5pcs Cloak of the Almighty Dragon Random Box (RU)
✅ 5pcs Cloak of the Fierce Dragon Random Box (RU)
✅ 5pcs Cloak of the Wise Dragon Random Box (RU)



✅ 1pc Almighty Dragon King Box
1pc Fierce Dragon King Box
1pc Wise Dragon King Box
✅ Cloak of EXP (7 days) [soul-linked]


Box Contents:

You can get a random item listed below:




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Note: The rewards will be inserted on the character used in purchasing.