Celebrating 3 FUNtastic years of the marvelous extravaganza – PlayPark FlyFF! 

Roikapalooza: 3rd Anniversary Party was definitely a party to remember! In contrast to last year’s sweet and bubbly Bubble Party, Roikapalooza was a THREElling and extravagant treat coupled with exciting surPRIZES.

CM Luna and GM Leah Chan served the jolly good fun throughout the party as the hosts of the Roikapalooza: 3rd Anniversary Party. They were joined by solid FlyFFers, Daddy EJ and Miryow in taking up FlyFF activities and showcasing the outputs of the FlyFF community.

Daddy EJ showed the FlyFFers that he truly is the one and only daddy figure of FlyFF when he took on the Riddle Me This and answered every riddle correctly with confidence.

The spookiest stories from our FlyFFers were sure to give the audience the right Halloween vibe. Senders of the best stories were rewarded for their entries.

The initial Fashionpalooza entries of our artistic FlyFFers were showcased live during the party. Seeing the initial entries hopefully spiked interest in other aspiring designers in the community. 

Groove It To Know It might have been quite challenging for the FlyFFers as the activity aimed to determine which part of Roika the music belongs to. To those who managed to groove and beat the challenge, the rewards were definitely worth it.

For the second half of the party, Star FlyFFer Miryow joined the party for a THREElling fun. Miryow aced the Ultimate FlyFFer Quiz, with no question answered incorrectly.

The winners of heART for FlyFF also got the chance to have their piece showcased as the winning artworks per category were presented during the party.

Miryow helped the FlyFFers by giving clues during Guess the Battle Class and counted with the audience in Finding Shade.

Before the program ended, CM Luna and GM Leah reminisced and enjoyed the nostalgia as they read through the FlyFF Journey entries from the players. Friendships, relationships, and bonds that will last forever were formed through FlyFF touched the hearts of the FlyFF Team. A beautiful and heartwarming ending fitting for an extravagant party.


Thank you for celebrating and soaking up the fun, FlyFFers! Here’s to more marvelous and FUNtastic celebrations!