Here are the aspirants FlyFF Star of the Month

FlyFFers ~ Vote on your favorite STAR  by sharing their pictures in PUBLIC!

Name: Joshua Espiritu Aliño
IGN: Josh

Why you should be our PlayPark FlyFF Star of the month?
For me, everyone deserves to be recognized as a FlyFF Star, but sending this entry and being picked as one for this month would surely mean a lot, for it shall give me the opportunity to reach out to all players old and new alike; to share knowledge and extend help in any way I can, also to build friendship not only in-game but in real life as well.

What makes FlyFF your favorite game?
My sister has been a great influence why I started to play FlyFF. At a young age, I was able to grasp the game-play easily due to its simple features and awesome interface. The music plays a great part in the game, too!

Name: Mark Jol Ladan
IGN: ChocoBlack 

Why you should be our PlayPark FlyFF Star of the month?
Because i help some of the newbies in Lord Pang by giving them starting money for pots and sets and Give discounts on my loots to those who are short in penya.

What makes FlyFF your favorite game?
What makes flyff my favorite game because characters can fly and i enjoy Boss hunting.

Name: Michelle Z. Catacutan
IGN: AngelicBabe

Why you should be our PlayPark FlyFF Star of the month?
If I will be chosen or not as PlayPark FlyFF star of the month, I will still continue helping all the new player who is asking for help. In this way I’ll gain more friends not only in game but in real life. It’s just like in LOVE, even he/she ignore you, if you still continue all the efforts. You might win the heart of the person. that’s what you “UNCONDITIONAL LOVE”.

What makes FlyFF your favorite game?
Flyff is very challenging and exciting game. and I love the FASHION!

Winner will be selected based on the MOST NUMBER OF LEGIT PUBLIC SHARES from our Page.
Sharing of entries is valid until December 20, 2019 5:00PM (GMT+8) ONLY
The announcement of winners will be on December 20, 6:00 PM
Winner will be featured in FlyFF website and social media accounts.


Lord Set (15 days Fashion set)
– Helmet of Dignity (Max. HP+999) [soul-linked]
– Suit of Dignity (Increase DEF+10%) [soul-linked]
– Gauntlet of Dignity (Increased Attack+10%) [soul-linked]
– Boots of Dignity (Speed+20%) [soul-linked]

5pcs Lord’s Cheer (EXP and Drop Rate +10%. Lasts 1 hour)
5pcs Lord’s Blessing (Attack and Defense Power +10%. Lasts 1 hour)
5pcs Lord’s Love (All Stats +15. Lasts 1 hour)
5pcs Lord’s Shout (Specia Shout color. Lasts 1 hour)
100pcs Lord’s Fireworks

Note: You can only be a player of the month once.
Prizes insertion is within 7 to 15 working days after the announcement of the winner.