Cebuano Flyffers! Daghan kaayong salamat sa pagtambong sa atoang Homecoming Event niadtong August 25, 2018 sa Songhits KTV bar!

Thanks to the overwhelming support of Flyffers from all over Visayas, the Flyff Homecoming in Cebu was a huge success. We hope all the early birds who lined up hours before the event will enjoy their FREE Flyff Tshirts. All the weariness paid off after cold flowing drinks and free food from the Flyff Team.

The Homecoming took the fun to new heights with the special appearance of the acclaimed impersonator of Nicki Minaj.

In the spirit of Homecoming, a lucky Flyffer got a free limited edition Flyff Jacket as he celebrated his birthday with us! Happy birthday to you once again.

Of course, our magician cosplayer won’t let the day end without her casting a spell of merriment to all the attendees; and the Flyffers did not miss the chance to take selfies with her.

What made the day special is the announcement from the Flyff Team about the upcoming Closed Beta and Open Beta Test.

Truly, this passion unites the Flyffers! We are looking forward to meeting all the Flyffers scattered around the Philippines.

Magkita kita tag balik karong Sept 29 sa SM Seaside Cebu!

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