Get bonus rewards for every account that purchased at least 2,000 worth of CASH/CP in FlyFF Shop for the first time during the promo period.


Promo Period: May 2 12:00 AM to May 7 11:59 PM (GMT+8), 2019


  • Purchase for the First Time during the event period at least 2,000 CASH/CP or more to any character of your account to get additional Reward.
  • The promo will only apply per account, NOT per character.
  • At least 2,000 CASH total purchase per ACCOUNT to be qualified in this promo.
    • Examples
      1. If Character 1 Purchased 2,000 worth of CASH/CP, the player will get 1pc Tiny Tanuki Chance Box.
      2. If Character 1 Purchased 2,000 worth of CASH/CP, Character 2 Purchased 5,000 worth of CASH/CP (Character 1 and 2 in the same account). The player will only get 1pc Tiny Tanuki Chance Box
  • If you want to get more Tiny Tanuki Chance Boxes, you must have many accounts that have at least 2,000 CASH/CP total purchase each.
  • The insertion process is within 15 days after the event period.


  • 1pc Tiny Tanuki Chance Box

Box Contents:

You can get a random item listed below:

1pc Tiny Tanuki (Buff Pet/Looter Pet)
6pcs Fresh Ddukguk
6pcs Hot Ddukguk
6pcs Sweet Ddukguk
6pcs Flask of Stone
6pcs Flask of the Rabbit
6pcs Flask of the Lion
6pcs Flask of the Tiger
6pcs Flask of the Fox
6pcs Refresher Hold
6pcs Activition
6pcs Vital Drink X
6pcs Scroll of Resurrection


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Note: The rewards will be inserted on the character used in purchasing.