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Name: Rufer Rodriguez 
IGN: MCielo

What makes FlyFF your favorite game?
Favorite game ko siya kasi dito ko first na experience na minahal ka ng tao nang buong buo at tanggap ka kung sino ka kahit Long Distance Relationship kami na experience ko na minahal ko for almost 4 years at lumago kami until we reach top 1 sa one of the Job which is Elementor :D.

Why you should be the FIRST EVER PlayPark FlyFF Player of the month?
I should be the First Ever Playpark FLYFF player of the month because I believe with my sharing thoughts about Ingame and based on my experience sa laro kung pano ako nagsimula at kung bakit love ko ang game nato e ma iinspire sila to play flyff and also for them to know me better behind my Ingame Character sa Flyff.




Name: Arjay Nuqui 
IGN: lliLynxll

What makes FlyFF your favorite game?
FlyFF gives me a sense of freedom, it introduced me to a whole new world where I can meet people from different ages, places and status. The game itself is really great it has a story unlike the others, it has a unique character development, a pvp concept that is simply amazing and a world that is living that just drags you into it resulting to prolonged playtime than you have imagined yourself putting into the game.

Why you should be the FIRST EVER PlayPark FlyFF Player of the month?
The reason why I should be the FIRST EVER PlayPark FlyFF Player of the Month is because of my perseverance and commitment in doing my best to achieve my goals in-game and in real life. I am a 4th year college student, but ever since FlyFF went online again I started working part time jobs in order to support my luxurious play style. Also, I work my way through the game with a positive attitude towards everything and everyone while consistently striving to help make an in-game community that isn’t toxic and newbie friendly.





Name: Jan Gabriel S. Boller
IGN: Abysmal

What makes FlyFF your favorite game?
The community! Although Iblis server’s community is rather smaller than the other two, the people there are thoughtful, looking for one another, and do not let others down. Even the old players look out for the new by guiding them and helping through their journey.

Why you should be the FIRST EVER PlayPark FlyFF Player of the month?
Because I don’t plan on quitting the game soon. I’ll play and watch the community grow and get bigger as the game gets more mature.





Name: JanJan Pagui
IGN: Topak

What makes FlyFF your favorite game?
I enjoyed my time Playing FlyFF with my friends, until now were still friends. A decade of Friendships made. We garthered EBs hang outs and even chattings. Most of the time my favorite part of the game is of course flying and Boss Hunting and GM Events with Rewards

Why you should be the FIRST EVER PlayPark FlyFF Player of the month?
Well for me, maybe i am not deserving to be the first ever flyff player of the month, but i am thankful to be the part of the game, events, mall tours or even provincial games. If you have given me a chance to be featured, this gonna be my very first online game winning. Thank you Playpark and More Players to come.





Name: Bryan Gadiane Breis 
IGN: iMerlin 

What makes FlyFF your favorite game? 
Its very easy to play and the characters are quite cute. Fashions in Flyff are the best since you can do a lot of mixtures and find the best suitable fashion. Reason why most of the time my penya is being spent not on upgrades but on Fashion haha!

Why you should be the FIRST EVER PlayPark FlyFF Player of the month?
I’ve been playing since OBT and with the same guild as their leader. I am here not just to represent my guild Euphoria but also to represent players that are still with us and still playing and enjoying Flyff. I work a lot in the slums of Flaris, Roika and the live there is very poor and its very sad. And Ive always thought myself to look for beauty in it, to look for beauty in the faces of the newbies as well as old players that wanted Flyff to come back to the Philippines and to be grateful. And I would bring this aspect as the Player of the Month to see situations with a golden lining and to assess where I could give something, where I could provide as a spokesperson. And this, I think, if I could teach players to be grateful, we could have an amazing world where negativity would not grow and foster and everyone would have a smile on their face. Thank you!




Lord Set (15 days Fashion set)
– Helmet of Dignity (Max. HP+999) [soul-linked]
– Suit of Dignity (Increase DEF+10%) [soul-linked]
– Gauntlet of Dignity (Increased Attack+10%) [soul-linked]
– Boots of Dignity (Speed+20%) [soul-linked]

5pcs Lord’s Cheer (EXP and Drop Rate +10%. Lasts 1 hour)
5pcs Lord’s Blessing (Attack and Defense Power +10%. Lasts 1 hour)
5pcs Lord’s Love (All Stats +15. Lasts 1 hour)
5pcs Lord’s Shout (Specia Shout color. Lasts 1 hour)
100pcs Lord’s Fireworks



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