Flyff 72-hr Stress Test

FlyFFers, we are getting close to CBT: Phase 3~
Let’s make this happen with a 72-hour stress test from September 28, 11:00AM (GMT+8) to October 1, 10:59AM (GMT+8). Your tireless support has been invaluable in making FlyFF better.
For today’s stress test, CPU usage from 50% – 60%  is now down to the maximum of 30% and will implement another isolation test using the new server set-up.


New Server Setup:

CBT-SVR-1: 1 Channel
CBT-SVR-2: 1 Channel

We also like to extend our gratitude for all who participated in FlyFF’s Stress Tests, we will be giving away some FUN BOXES for you!



48-hr Stress Test:
All players who participate in the stress test last September 21 – 23 will get 5pcs Syila Fun Box

72-hr Stress Test:
All players who reach level 60 during this test will get 5pcs Syila Fun Box
If your character is already level 60, during the 48-hr stress test, you will get this additional reward during 72-hr Stress Test.



The player may get random items listed below:

1pc Syila Hoverbike
2pcs Elixir of Anti-Magic
2pcs Elixir of Flowing Thought
2pcs Elixir of the Sorceror
3pcs Activition
3pcs Refresher Hold
3pcs Vital Drink X
4pcs Bull Hamstern
4pcs Grilled Eel
10pcs Hot Ddukguk
10pcs Fresh Ddukguk
10pcs Sweet Ddukguk

*Items will be inserted 3 to 7 days during OBT



– 48hr Stress Test data will not wipe during 72hr Stress Test
– All data of all the Stress Test period will be wipe during CBT Phase 3

Thank you so much for your tireless support and understanding, FlyFFers!