Your prayers have been answered. As thanks for the overwhelming support and for all the gamers still wanting to get in on the fun of the PlayPark Fly For Fun Online Closed Beta Test, PlayPark will up the ante with CBT Phase 2. From September 11th until the 17th, FlyFF will remain open and you can keep soaring through the Skies of Roika.

On top of the support, the PlayPark FLYFF Team would also like to thanks all the FLYFFers who not only enjoyed playing but also shared their experiences and feedback during the first FLYFF Closed Beta Test.

In CBT Phase 2, FlyFF will undergo continuous improvement to sort out the hurdles experienced in Phase 1 – that also means getting more game updates both in-game and onground. While downtimes may also occur in Phase 2, rest easy that it is all for the betterment of your gaming pleasure.

Welcome all to six more days of flying, boss fights and bonding in the FlyFF CBT 2! Don’t hesitate to share your adventures and ordeals with us on iBOX. To check out the events laid out this CBT 2, just visit the website [].

Kita-kits sa Roika, FlyFFers!