Flyffers! Come and join us as we fly with happiness because the Homecoming is finally landing in Binondo, Manila.

Head to LUCKY CHINATOWN From 10AM to 8PM this August 31, 2018 to register for a Homecoming Package, bring home your favorite Flyff merchandise and to hear a special announcement from the Flyff PH team.

Get set for these activities at the Flyff Homecoming:

  1. Registrationfor the Homecoming Package
  2. Question and Answer
  3. Take a Selfie Event.
  4. Flyff Raffle draw


  1. Registration for HomecomingPackage
    – Go to Flyff Booth Registration
    – Playpark Staff will ask you to Register a Play ID Account
    – Participant must “Like” and “Follow” the Playpark Flyff Facebook Fanpage
    – After you register and like the fanpage, you need to fill up the Google Drive for the Homecoming Package registration that will give by the Playpark Staff
    – All registrants will receive Tiger Board (Permanent) – will be inserted 3 to 7 days during OBT.
    – You will receive 1 Raffle Stub and 1 Rubber Keychain upon registration


  1. Question and Answer
    – Attendees/contestants must answer flyff related question within 10 Seconds
    – Questions should be pick from the box
    – Timer starts right after reading the question twice
    – Cheating/Coached contestants are automatically disqualified
    – Reward is Flyff Lanyard
    – You will receive 1 Raffle Stub


  1. Take a Selfie Event
    – Participants should register at the Playpark booth
    – Take a Picture, Selfie or Groufie in the Flyff Photo Areawith our cosplayer
    – Post your picture in Facebook. Make sure that the post is Public.
    – Caption your photo and tag the FlyFF fanpage (@playparkflyff). Include the hashtags: #FlyffHomecoming #PlayparkFlyff #FlyffisLife #ImBack #FlyffInManila
    – Show your post at the Playpark booth to claim your Rubber Baller


4. Flyff Raffle draw
– All registrants are qualified in this raffle
– We will pick random winners of Flyff Merchandise
– 50 winners of Flyff Lanyard
– 30 winners of Flyff Tshirt
– 10 winners of Flyff Umbrella