With Flyff Homecoming in Davao City becoming a huge success, it is now time to reveal the second stop.

Make a bee line for Flyff Homecoming in Quezon City! Be part of the Playpark Flyff community by heading to SM NOrth Edsa, Skydome on August 19, 2018. Get to register for the Limited Access Closed Beta Test this September 2018. Finally, go home a winner with limited edition Flyff merchandise.

The first five hundred (500) early birds from any Playpark game at the Playpark All-Stars 2018 Finals will receive a limited edition Flyff TShirt. Solid Flyffers, see you there.

Entrance Fee: Php 100.00

Get set for these activities at the Flyff Homecoming:

  1. Take a Selfie at the Flyff booth and with our cosplayers.
  2. Wear or bring your old Flyff Online merchandisefor the Flyff Nostalgia.
  3. Prove you can be Ms. (or even Mr.) Q&A by joining a question and answer game.
  4. How many masquerpets can you remember? List them down.
  5. Register for the Limited Access CBT
  6. Join the Flyff Raffle draw!


1. Register for the CBT Package (Limited CBT Account Registration)
– Go to Flyff Booth Register
– Playpark Staff will ask you to Register a Play ID Account
– Participant must “Like” and “Follow” the Playpark Flyff Facebook Fanpage
– After you register and like the fanpage, you need fill up the Google Drive for the Limited Account registration that will give by the Playpark Staff
– You will receive 1 Raffle Stab and 1 Rubber Baller upon registration
– All registrants (including Flyff Homecoming Davao) will receive Tiger Board (Permanent) – will be inserted 3 to 7 days during OBT.

2. Flyff Nostalgia.
– Participants should register at the Playpark booth
– If you wear your any old FLYFF merchandise you will get additional Raffle Entry and 1 Flyff Homecoming Tshirt

3. Question and Answer
– Attendees/contestants must answer flyff related question within 10 Seconds
– Questions should be pick from the box
– Timer starts right after reading the question twice
– Cheating/Coached contestants are automatically disqualified
– Reward is Lanyard + Raffle stub

4. How many masquerpets can you remember?
– Participants should write the names of the masquerpets that they still remember in one (1) minute
– Monsters names should not be repeated. Eg: Aibatt, Baby Aibatt, Captain Aibatt, Giant Aibatt
– No coaching
– Participant that listed 20 masquerpet names will get 1 Rubber Baller
– Participant that listed 30 masquerpet names will get 1 Rubber Keychain
– Participant that listed 50 masquerpet names will get 1 Flyff Homecoming TShirt
– Participant that listed 70 masquerpet names will get 1 Flyff Umbrella
– Participant that listed 80 masquerpet names will get 1 Flyff Sublimation Shirt of your choice.
– Participant that listed 150 masquerpet names will get 1 limited edition Flyff Jacket of your choice.

5. Take a Selfie Event
– Participants should register at the Playpark booth
– Take a Picture, Selfie or Groufie in the Flyff Photo Area
– Post your picture in Facebook. Make sure that the post is Public.
– Caption your photo and tag the FlyFF fanpage (@playparkflyff). Include the hashtags: #FlyffHomecoming #PlayparkFlyff #FlyffisLife #ImBack
– Show your post at the Playpark booth to claim your reward and an additional Raffle stub
– Reward is Flyff Rubber Keychain

6. Flyff Raffle draw
– All registrants are qualified in this raffle
– We will pick random winners of Flyff Merchandise
– 25 winners of Flyff Lanyard
– 20 winners of Flyff Tshirt
– 10 winners of Flyff Umbrella
– 2 winner of Limited Edition Sublimation Tshirt of your choice
– 1 winner of Limited Edition Flyff Jacket of your choice
– Raffle Draw will be 5:00PM of August 19 at Playpark Booth

This is what you’ve been waiting so long for! Don’t miss it. Join us at Skydome SM City North Edsa from 10:00AM to 8:00PM at the Flyff Homecoming party.