Flyffers from Southeast Asia Region! The Playpark Flyff Team is very happy and excited to announce that the server is now up for the Close Beta Test (CBT) of our favorite Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) for  one week.

The said game test will be happening this September 5, 2018 until September 11, 2018 and it is OPEN to all Flyffers. Yay!

You can roam around Madrigal and discover the newest version of Flyff with classic features on your own with 120 Max Level Capacity (No Rebirth).

Watch out also for the PK Channel: Curenen(PK) where you can fight in the open world. Be careful because It will drop your item when you killed by a player.

Don’t forget to join the exciting CBT Events. Click here for more details.

Kita-kits sa Roika!