The people of Roika has already spoken!
Congratulations to JanJan Paguio, with determination and perseverance, you are the chosen Player for the month of February. <3

topak – Shade Server

As a form of gratitude, on behalf of PlayPark FlyFF family, you will receive a gift set for your never-ending support for playing FLYF

Lord Set (15 days Fashion set)
– Helmet of Dignity (Max. HP+999) [soul-linked]
– Suit of Dignity (Increase DEF+10%) [soul-linked]
– Gauntlet of Dignity (Increased Attack+10%) [soul-linked]
– Boots of Dignity (Speed+20%) [soul-linked]

5pcs Lord’s Cheer (EXP and Drop Rate +10%. Lasts 1 hour)
5pcs Lord’s Blessing (Attack and Defense Power +10%. Lasts 1 hour)
5pcs Lord’s Love (All Stats +15. Lasts 1 hour)
5pcs Lord’s Shout (Specia Shout color. Lasts 1 hour)
100pcs Lord’s Fireworks

Happy FlyFFing! <3