-Qualified teams are the champions of FPC 2019, and FPC Final 3 Champion.
    -Tournament Bracket is Best of 3.


-The tournament will be held in the Tournament Server, with pre-generated characters.
-Tournament Bracket is best of 3 per match.
-Only eight (8) members, including the party leader from each team, can participate.
-The tournament officials will coordinate only with the team leaders regarding their team lineups.
-Characters of each team must strictly adhere to the ff:

  1. Substitution Rules:

– FPC Final 2 team are allowed to have a maximum of 2 replacement players.
–The Final Team line-up must be submitted only by the team captain subject to validation and confirmation by the PlayPark All-Stars 2020 Tournament committee. The deadline of sending an updated team line up will be announced several days before the tournament.
–Replacement players may only be allowed to play in the tournament in the event that any of the members of the submitted team roster is not capable of playing due to legitimate reasons subject for review and approval of the PlayPark All-Stars Tournament Committee.
– Replacement players should not be a member of other qualified teams.
– Only the 8 Official Players will get the in-game rewards.


  1. Rules regarding character set-up

-Players are allowed to set up their characters within ten (10) minutes before the actual match starts.
-Trading and borrowing of accessories, equipment, weapons, potions, scrolls, shields, pills, food, arrows, premium items and Penya between teammates are allowed.
-Trading must be done before the automated guild siege will start.
– Total items for 3  matches will be inserted in the first match.
– There will be no more refill items after each match.
–  Guild Siege rewards every after match will not be removed.
-Each of the eight (8) characters will be provided with Re-Stats.
– Players are not allowed to loot / pick-up any items
 Players are not allowed to buy any items from the NPCs in the server
– Players are not allowed to upgrade any weapons / items. They must use the same items like the other team for a fair fight.
– Players who will violate any of the rules or policies will be disqualified.

Rules regarding character classes and levels

-There should only be 8 different character classes per team. Strictly no class repetition.
-Each team is composed of the character class: Knight, Blade, Billposter, Ringmaster, Ranger, Jester, Elementor, and Psykeeper.
-All characters will be pre-made Heroes Level 121 and will have all their skills maxed out.
-Tournament Server accounts will be given by the Official Marshalls.
-Participants are free to behave any way they want, as long as they do not violate any of the specified event rules or any of the PlayPark Inc. policies.
-Players who will violate any of the rules or policies will be disqualified.



  1. Tournament matches will be a Single Eliminations match with best of 1 per match.
  2. The match will be using Guild Siege mechanics. (Automated feature)
  3. Character Set-up and Line-up settings is 10 minutes before the guild siege will start.
  4. Setting up character includes:

-Stat Modification
-Hot Key Set-up
-Trading of Items/Penya/Premiums
-Checking of equipment if complete

Match Schedule:

-Saturday / March 21, 2021
Preparation Time: 1:00 to 2:00 PM
Match 1: 2:00 to 3:00 PM
Match 2: 3:30 to 4:30 PM
Match 3: 5:00 to 6:00 PM 


Preparing the Line-up:

-Both guilds have 10 minutes to fix their line-up.
-Note that all members must be on Channel 1 (Test 1) to be entered into the line-up.
-If they disconnect while setting up the line up, they will be stricken from the list and the list will have to be remade to include them again.
-Use the arrows to move highlighted eligible members from the left window to the participant window on the right.
-The first 5 in the line-up will be teleported into the arena at the beginning of the siege.
-Highlight a member from the participant list and press “Defender” in order to select them as your defender.
-The defender gives extra points when killed, so be sure to select him/her very carefully.
-Use the up and down arrows on the right to change the position of a member in the participant line-up
-To remake your line-up (even if you have pressed Finish), just use the Reset button.
-Once you finish your line-up, press Finish to finalize it. 

The Actual Fight
-When it is time to enter the Arena, Frankie will announce it.
-At this point all members have 7 minutes to warp to Frankie and join.
-All members must enter the arena by selecting Join.
-Note that all buffs and parties are removed for participants while warping in.
-Once inside, you will not be allowed to speak to or even see the spectators.
-Once the 7 minutes is over your guild will automatically be put in the same party.
-You are given 1 minute to be buffed.
-After the first 5 is warped in, fighters will be warped in via the order given in the Line-Up.
-When you’re about to be warped in, you will be given 10 seconds to select your warp point. (1-4)
-To the left you’ll notice that the number of each warp point is indicated.
-Fight your hardest because here anything goes.
-If you disconnect during the fight it is possible to re-enter if your lives allow this.
-Each player has a total of 6 lives.
-The guild siege match time is 30 minutes


Official Guild Siege Rules apply
-Every kill, a player earns 2 points.
-Every kill by a guild leader, earns the leader an extra 1 point (total of 3 points).
-Every kill of a defender of an opposing guild earns the killer an extra 1 point (total of 3 points).
-If a player is on his/her last life, they will obtain 1 point extra for every kill (total of 3 points).
-Every remaining life of a player adds 1 point to the guild’s total point when the match is finished.
-The cumulative point obtained by each player plus the bonus remaining life points is the guild’s total score.
-The guild with the highest score after the match will win.
-If both guilds have same score during the end of the match, the guild listed above in the ranking will consider as the winner.


-Premade characters will be used. Please see the Equipment and Supplies List below.
-Trading and borrowing of accessories, equipment, weapons, potions, scrolls, cloaks, shields, pills, food, arrows, premium items and Penya between teammates are allowed.
-Switching characters between matches are not allowed. The player must play his assigned character until the match ends.
-Final 4 matches will be held online.
-For online matches, players are allowed to use any gaming peripherals that they have.
-In the event that a member was disconnected during a match, the match will continue.
-In case there is a clarification to the rules, the final call would be on the Head Marshall. All decisions from the Head Marshall ARE FINAL.




  1. Players must follow the rules and guidelines of the tournament lead by the Committee – The Tournament Director, head Marshall, and other tournament officials.
  2. Players are expected to behave in a respectful and sporting manner at all times.
  3. Players who argue with or fail to follow the instructions of the Tournament Director, head Marshall or other tournament officials are subject to the appropriate penalties as the case may be.
  4. PlayPark and/or officials of the Tournament Committee reserve the right to suspend or ban a player or guild without prior notice for any reason deemed necessary.
  5. PlayPark has the right to change/delete portions/expound/clarify/interpret tournament rules depending on circumstances as they see fit for a fair and balanced competition environment



  • Php 50,000 Cash
  • Devil’s Set of Choice with 6 line perfect awake 
  • FPC Champion Fashion Set (NON-TRADABLE)
    • FPC Champion Suit [Increase DEF+15%]
    • FPC Champion Glove [Melee Block +15%, Ranged Block +15%]
    • FPC Champion Shoe [Increase Critical Damage +15%, The rate of attack speed +15%]
    • FPC Champion Hat [Parry +15%, Decreased Casting Time +15%]
    • FPC Champion Cloak [STR+15, DEX+15, INT+15, STA+15]
    • FPC Champion Mask [Hit +15%]

Set Effect:
– PvP Damage Increase+15%

1st Runner Up:

  • Php 25,000 Cash
  • Devil’s Set of Choice with 3 line perfect awake 
  • FPC 1st Runner Up Fashion Set (90 days) (NON-TRADABLE)
    • FPC 1st Runner Up Suit (90 Days) [Increase HP+15%]
    • FPC 1st Runner Up Glove (90 Days) [Melee Block +10%, Ranged Block +10%]
    • FPC 1st Runner Up Shoe (90 Days) [Increase Critical Damage +10%, The rate of attack speed +10%]
    • FPC 1st Runner Up Hat (90 Days) [Parry +10%, Decreased Casting Time +10%]
    • FPC 1st Runner Up Cloak (90 Days) [STR+10, DEX+10, INT+10, STA+10, Hit +10%]

Set Effect:
– Increase DEF+10%


Note: For the Devil’s Sets, the team can only pick a maximum of 2 sets per class regardless of the Server.