The journey to become a Hero has come. FlyFF REBIRTH offers you vast updates that boost your Hero Skill, Stat Points, Hero badge and 130H Level Capacity!
Dive into the thrilling flight of PlayPark FlyFF Online now.

Here are the exciting updates and events that you will surely enjoy!

I. FlyFF Rebirth Update


II. Dungeons:


  • The Wilds


  • The Savage Wilds
  • Isle of Nightmare
  • Abyssal Cove of the Ancient
  • La Christiana A
  • Cursed Aminus Dungeon
  • Cursed Aminus Dungeon
  • Catacombs of Anguish
  • Ankou’s Asylum
  • Kalgas Cave
  • Rhisis’ Trail
  • Mars Mine

III. Events:

Daily Events:

Quest Event:

Rebirth Leveling Challenge

IV. FlyFF Shop Update

Removed January Content Items

New Items

New Amplification
Scroll of Amplification ES (S)

New Premium Dungeons

New Fashion Set
– Madrigal Guardian Pink (M)
– Madrigal Guardian Pink (F)
– Casanova (M)
– Heartbreaker (F)
– Bodyguard (M)
– Bodyguard (F)


Limited Offers

Revert Transmutation Scroll

Scroll of XProtect

Available until February 13, 1:00 PM


Special OFFER

Scroll of XProtect Bundle

Available until February 7,  1:00 PM only.


Play now and enjoy the Holiday treats! <3

Kita kits sa Roika~