FLYFF Version 22 brings much awaited updates:



FLYFF Online is launching a new version of the game this year!


Reach new heights together with your friends and become stronger than ever as FLYFF Version 22 brings a new level cap, a new dungeon, and new monsters along with new armor and fashion sets for every class. The update drops after the scheduled server maintenance on June 15, 2022!


You may download Playpark FlyFF by clicking here.



1. New Level Cap, Monsters, and Items

With the new version, the maximum level for the characters will be raised from 170 to 190. That is the highest level cap in the history of FLYFF.



There are 18 new monsters added in total and the highlight among them are the spider-like creatures namely the new boss “Kalipogon of Darkness” and the lesser spiders.

[New monsters found inside the new dungeon]



[New Gear Look for Male]


[New Gear Look for Female]


[New Gear Stat Details]



2. New Dungeon


The new version of FLYFF will also add a new dungeon to the game. You will now be able to explore the Floating Castle Dungeon!

[The entrance of the new Floating Castle dungeon]

[The passage ways of the new Floating Castle dungeon]


Located in betweek Darkon 1, Darkon 2, and Shaduwar, this is one of the trickiest dungeons in the game yet! It spawns monsters from at least Lv168 up to Lv188 and you will need a special buff to be able to see while you’re are in it.


The Floating Castle Dungeon comes with a prerequisite quest with the NPC “Reonan” in Flarine with a character above level 156. Once completed, players can enter the dungeon by speaking with the NPC “Floating Castle Manager” located in front of the castle.


The dungeon’s curse may be lifted by using the item “radiant blessing.” However, it is not guaranteed that all debuffs may be lifted as the player might deal less damage once they exit the dungeon.


The PlayPark FLYFF team has also prepared more surprises for all loyal and returning players alike so tell you friends and your guildmates to stay tuned to the PlayPark FLYFF social media pages for more updates about FLYFF Version 22!


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