Before anything else, we would like to extend our thanks to all of those who participated the FLYFF CBT Phase 1 and Phase 2. The past two weeks have been crucial to the development of the game and it is all worthwhile for all of us in the PlayPark FLYFF Team. Now we’re looking forward to giving you more and better improvements to our favorite game!

The FLYFF Closed Beta Test Phase 3 is still on the ropes of being prepared for launch with the date still to be announced but due to the enthusiasm and excitement the player fanbase is showing, the PlayPark FLYFF team is already gearing up to make your gaming experience better. We want to give you a chance to create and manage a better version of your character, and most importantly, make sure that the gaming experience everyone gets is fair and secure.


Here are the focal points of the upcoming CBT Phase 3:


  1. Addressing persistent problems in game.

We gathered information from your comments and feedback about your experiences in the game and we have taken those into account. During Phase 3, The PlayPark FLYFF team will be implementing and testing more improvements to the game. However, this means that there will still be frequent instances that maintenance is needed. We only ask for you to be more patient.


  1. Wiping of Data after Phase 2.

As explained before, the data and progress made by players during the first two phases of the Closed Beta Test will be wiped out. This means that once the CBT Phase 3 starts, all players will be starting at Level 1. However, there will be no wipeout implementation after the Phase 3. All your in-game exp, items, and overall progress will carry over to the official release of the game.




  1. Implementation of Anti-Cheat Software.

We have noticed and received multiple reports that some players have taken advantage of the game code and cheated. So, to address these issues, the PlayPark FLYFF team has decided that the Anti Cheat software will be fully implemented in the game that will start during the Phase 3 of the CBT. This is just the first of our many incoming efforts to make the game even fairer and secure for our players.


  1. Changes in Phase 3.

Starting in Phase 3, here are the changes that will be implemented:

  1. The Multi-Client limit per PC will be set to only 2 clients.
  2. The Scroll of Awakening, Scroll of Pet Awakening, and Stat Dice will be removed.
  3. Events

For all of the players who participated and managed to achieve Level 40 during the Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the Closed Beta Test, your prizes will be inserted into your accounts 3 to 7 days once the Open Beta Test Starts.

These are the players who reached the highest levels in CBT Phase 1 and

Phase 2:

Level Class IGN
100 Jester Bano
100 Ranger Milo
97 Jester InMyDreams
96 Elementor Kulas
95 Blade DAFWarriors
94 Psykeeper Yashi
92 Blade xTalahib
91 Ringmaster Shifu


As for the Phase 3, all players that will achieve Level 40 from the whole period of CBT Phase 3 will get a Butterfly Mask. Just like the prizes from the previous phases, the Butterfly Mask will be inserted into your account 3 to 7 days once the OBT starts.

  1. Servers

Starting this CBT Phase 3, FLYFF will now have 2 servers consisting of 8 channels in total. The first server will have 2 channels and the second server will have 6. This is a way for the PlayPark FLYFF team to determine the server capacities to accommodate more players in game. However, these may still change once the OBT starts.

All of these are just some of the new implementations we will be making to the game as we get closer and closer to launch!