Thank you Flyffers for joining us! We are so happy to have you aboard our Flyff Homecoming Rizal stop last August 26, 2018 at the Playpark Gamefest SM CITY SAN MATEO.

Mall opened at exactly 10 o’ clock with early birds scampering to fall in line for their free Flyff Homecoming T-Shirt. Gamers from Flyff Online and Rising Force Online, also enjoyed the fun games prepared by CM Luna and GM Jo-Jo. All of them went home a winner carrying various rewards and free merchandise from Playpark. Yey!

Aside from the fun events from Flyff, event goers and Flyffers were treated to the Gamefest Cosplay Competition where almost fifty cosplayers competed. The Flyff Mercenary cosplayer and Cabal’s Ghelai PH also had a special participation in the tournament; along with GM Jo-jo who served as a judge.

On top of all the loots and events, what made the day special was the special announcement from the Flyff team about the upcoming Closed Beta Test (CBT) and Open Beta Test (OBT). As a memento of the Flyff Homecoming, Flyffers did not miss out on the chance to selfie with CM Luna and their fellow Flyffers.

Once again, thank you for attending the Homecoming. With the continued support of the Flyff community, nothing could stop us from flying nationwide. Join the upcoming Flyff Homecoming at Lucky Chinatown this coming August 31,2018!

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