Guide for PlayPark FlyFF Gotcha


We gotcha, Roikans! Score big from the FlyFF Gotcha BETA by loading up through PlayMall and choosing the number of rolls between 1, 5, and 10 (each with a corresponding value) for a chance to win exciting in-game prizes.

I. Go to the Playpark Gotcha website:

II. Choose FlyFF and click Play Gotcha.

III. Please choose the correct login type and login your account. Take note that Play ID (account email registered via Playpark), Facebook ID (Facebook Account), and Google ID (gmail account not registered via Playpark) are 3 different login types.

IV. You may choose what gotcha you want, how many rolls, and to which character you want the gotcha items to be received.


  1. Set of available Gotcha.
  2. Details – you may check the items included for each Gotcha. Click the Gotcha of your choice and click details. A window will pop up showing the items included on the said Gotcha.

  1. Number of rolls – you may choose the number of rolls between 1, 5, and 10. Each roll has a corresponding value.
  2. Choose Server/Character – you can choose the server and character you wish to receive the Gotcha item.
  3. History – shows all transactions made for the selected Gotcha.
  4. Gotcha Coins – shows your current Gotcha coin balance. You may get the Gotcha Coins via Playmall.
    1. a) Go to website
    2. b) Choose your correct login type and login your account.
    3. c) Choose “Playpark Gotcha” and convert your Playmall wallet to Gotcha Coins.




    V. Choose how many rolls you want and a pop up window will show the items you won. These items will be received on your inventory in game.

VI. You may also see the items you have received on Gotcha History.


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