Roikans ~ Gather your guild as the Guild Siege Bounty Edition is here! Prepare your soul, gather your ally, and target your enemies!

Event Period: April to June 2020


  • Winning Guild and MVP during Guild Siege will get an additional reward.
  • The reward will be picked randomly via randomizer every Friday during the live stream 1 week before the scheduled Bounty Guild Siege (reward listed below).
  • All the rewards that have been picked will be removed.
  • The event is for Rhisis Server and Lord Pang Server ONLY

Rewards List:

Best Guild MVP
Php 15,000 cash Gaming Chair
Php 20,000 worth of EB Package Gaming Peripherals
5pcs Gaming Mouse and 5pcs Gaming Keyboard Php 7,500 Cash
2,000,000 Cash Points 800,000 Cash Points

Bounty Dates:

– April 25, 2020 – Rhisis Server
– April 26, 2020 – Lord Pang Server
– May
– June


Dummy guilds with the intention of preventing other guilds from participating shall be punished. These guilds have used the following shameful tactics:
🔥 Cancelation of bidding
🔥 Non-participation in the Guild Siege
🔥 Any violation or abusive behavior will merit penalties for the player and the whole Guild. No feeding. No Bug exploitation and the like. Players caught during the guild siege will automatically be disqualified from participating this season of Guild Siege Bounty along with the whole Guild.
🔥 Using ways to make opponent players distract the gameplay, like spamming party invite and spamming message alert is not allowed. Players reported using the said illegal process will be blocked permanently including all the characters using the same IP. If the investigation will prove that the IP used is one of the players of the participating guilds during the event, they will be disqualified.

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