The greatest battle in Roika has leveled up – Guild Siege NEW UPDATE!
This is the time for the strongest guild to stand out and be the guild to rule the battlefield.


Rhisis Bidding Guild Siege
Elite Siege Saturday 9:00 PM to Monday 7:00 PM (GMT+8) Monday 8:00 PM (GMT+8)
Hero Siege Monday 9:00 PM to Thursday 7:00 PM (GMT+8) Thursday 8:00 PM (GMT+8)
Hero Siege Thursday 9:00 PM to Saturday 7:00 PM (GMT+8) Saturday 8:00 PM (GMT+8)


Lord Pang Bidding Guild Siege
Elite Siege Sunday 9:00 PM to Tuesday 7:00 PM (GMT+8) Tuesday 8:00 PM (GMT+8)
Hero Siege Tuesday 9:00 PM to Friday 7:00 PM (GMT+8) Friday 8:00 PM (GMT+8)
Hero Siege Friday 9:00 PM to Sunday 7:00 PM (GMT+8) Sunday 8:00 PM (GMT+8)



– Winning guild receives 10 Guild Siege Champion Box inserted to Guild Warehouse which contains a 1pc Dark Devil’s cloak(7 days) each box.
– Each participant of the winning guild receives 1st in Guild Siege Reward Box, which contains 210pcs Red Chips, 3pcs Guild War Coin and 1pc Guild War Participation Cloak (7 days).
– Winning Guild will have an exclusive guild icon for 7 days.
– A Player who will be the MVP will have an exclusive icon for 7 days.

Dark Devil’s cloak stats:

PvP Damage Increase+15%
Increase HP+30%
Increase Attack+20%
Increased Critical Damage+25%

Guild War Participation Cloak stats:

Increased HP+10%
Attack Speed+5%
Decreased Casting Time+5%

The winning guild receives the Winner’s Dignity for 1 week:
Increase HP+10%
Melee Block+5%
Ranged Block+5%

Note: Make sure you have enough free space in your guild warehouse for rewards before entering the Guild Siege!

– The second-place guild participants receive the 2nd in Guild Siege Reward Box, which contains 60pcs Red Chips, 2pcs Guild War Coin, and 1 Guild War Participation Cloak (7 days).
– The third-place guild participants receive the 3rd in Guild Siege Reward Box, which contains 30pcs Red Chips, 1pc Guild War Coin, and 1 Guild War Participation Cloak (7 days).
– Every other participant gets a Guild Siege Participating Box, which includes 3pcs Red Chip, 1pc Guild War Coin, and 1 Guild War Participation Cloak (7 days).
– When a guild wins two times in a row they will receive the Guild War Champion Box (Double), which contains 210pcs Red Chips, 3pcs Guild War Coin, and 1pc Guild War Participation Cloak (7 days).
– A guild that wins two times in a row will not able to participate in the next Guild Siege.

And will receive the Radiant Glory for 1 week (2x in a row Guild SIege winner):
Melee Block+10%
Range Block+10%

Entering Guild Siege
Guild Level: 20
Minimum Entrance Bid: 100,000,000 Penya
Maximum Entrance Bid: 2,147,483,647 Penya
Maximum Number of Participating Guilds: 12
Minimum Number of Participating Guilds: 3
Maximum guild members: 10
Minimum guild members: 5

How to Apply?

Guild Leader must apply to participate in the Guild Siege, and the guild members must satisfy the above requirements.
Registration/Bidding for Guild Siege occurs at the NPC [GuildWar Manager] Frankie (North-Flarine)
Choose the “Apply” Option.

Guild Siege and Guild Warehouse NPC Location per server:

Rhisis: Channel 3 – Iblis (PK)
Lord Pang: Channel 3 – Luia (PK)


– The pop-up screen allows you to apply for Guild Siege.
 “Current Application” –  You need to earn 100,000,000 Penya to be able to participate in the Guild Siege.
– Remember that you only have 1 hour before Guild Siege to make your bid in the top 8 (Saturday, 7:00 PM GMT+8).
 “Red chip info” – Describes the conditions for red chips, the new reward for playing an active role in a Guild Siege.

Making Your Team

– When the top10 Guilds are already selected, it’s now the time to make your line-up.
– You only have exactly one hour of preparation (7:00 PM – 8:00 PM GMT+8)
– You can only participate with a minimum of 3 members and a maximum of 10 members.
– Note that all members must be present on Channel 9 (Bubble and Shade) and Channel 5 (Iblis) to be entered into the line-up.
– If the members get disconnect during the line-up period, they will be automatically removed from the list. The list will have to be remade to include them again.
– Use the arrows to move highlighted eligible members from the left window to the participant window on the right.
– The first 5 members in the line-up will be teleported into the arena at the beginning of the siege.
– Highlight a member from the participant list and press “Defender” in order to select them as your defender.
– The defender gives extra points when killed, so be sure to select the member carefully.
– Use the up and down arrows on the right to change the position of a member in the participant line-up
– If you already pressed “Finish” and wish to change the line-up, just use the “Reset” button.
– Once you’re done with your line-up, press “Finish” to finalize it.

The Actual Fight

– When its the time to enter the Arena, NPC Frankie will announce it.
– At this point, all members have 5 minutes to warp to Frankie and join.
– All members and spectators enter the area by selecting “Join”.
– Note that all buffs and parties are removed for participants while warping in.
– Once inside, you will not be allowed to speak to or even see the spectators.
– Once the 5 minutes is over your guild will automatically be put in the same party.
– You are given 1 minute to be buffed.
– After the first 5 is warped in, fighters will be warped in via the order given in the Line-Up.
– When you’re about to be warped in, you will be given 10 seconds to select your warp point. (1-4)
– To the left, you’ll notice that the number of each warp point is indicated.
– Give your best because here anything goes.

The Point System
– Every kill earns a player 2 basic points.
– Every kill by a guild leader earns the leader an extra 1 point.
– Every kill of a defender of an opposing guild earns the killer an extra 1 point.
– Ever resurrect left of a player adds 1 point to the guild’s total point.
– The cumulative points obtained by each player plus the bonus resurrection points is the guild’s total score.
– The guild with the highest score wins the siege.
– The player with the most points wins MVP.



NPC: Guild War Coin Operator
Location: Flaris

Exchange List: