Once you’ve become a level 120 Master you can seek further advancement and start the Hero Quest.

Starting NPC

Mysterious Robed Girl

 Mysterious Robed Girl Image:NPCMysterious Robed Girl2.jpg

New Hero
Quest Starting Location: Volkane Dungeon
Quest: New Hero
NPC: Mysterious Robed Girl
Quest Requirement: Must be level 120-M with 99.99% EXP.
Objective: Collect 5 Dragon Hearts, 10 Dragon Teeth and 10 Mysterious Eyes.


Cyclops X

Image:Dragon_Heart.gif Dragon Heart x5
Image:Dragon_Tooth.gif Dragon Teeth x10
Image:Mysterious_Eyeball.gif Mysterious Eye x10



  • Your character will gain an additional 15 stat points.
  • Your character will gain the Hero Skill for their class.
  • Your displayed level will be replaced with a Hero Badge.