FlyFF Shop Guide:

In-game, click the “menu” button located at the lower left corner of the screen, then click “Premium Items” and finally “Flyff Shop” to open the Flyff Shop in your web browser.

Or you may visit in your web browser.

You will need to login your game account in the Flyff Shop, click on “My Account” and then “Login”. Do take note of the login type you are using to login to the game to avoid any mistakes. FLYFF Online has three(3) login types to choose from: Play ID Login, Facebook Login, and Google ID Login. Please be informed that each login type has its own account information and will not share it on the other login types despite having the same email address used.

Login using Play ID

  • Click the “Login PlayID” button.

  • Login your PlayID account.

Login using Facebook

  • Click the “Login Facebook” button.

  • Login your Facebook account.

Login using Google

  • Click the “Login Google” button.

  • Login your Google account.


  • Once logged in, you will see your current balance at the upper left part of the screen and you may now start to purchase items in the shop.

  • You may scroll down the main page to see the Featured items and you may check the different tabs and click on the drop down categories to see other items available.

  • Once you have chosen which item you want to buy, click on the “ADD TO CART” button under the item details.

  • A message will appear when you have successfully added the item to your Shopping Cart and you will notice that the number of items and cash has been updated on the Shopping Cart button next to the Search UI.

  • To check the items in your Shopping Cart, you may click on the “Shopping Cart” button next to the Checkout button located at the upper right part of the screen or you may click on the “Shopping Cart” button next to the Search UI and then click “View Cart”.

  • In your Shopping Cart, you can see the Image, Product Name, Model, Quantity, Unit Price, and Total Price of the items. You can also change the quantity of items by changing the quantity number and clicking the blue button or remove the items by clicking on the red button.

  • To finally purchase the items in your Shopping Cart, click on the “Checkout” button at the upper right corner of the screen. You can also click the “Shopping Cart” button next to the Search UI and then click “Checkout”. And you can also see the “Checkout” button at the Shopping Cart page.

  • At the Checkout page, you will need to select which character you want the item to be inserted to in the drop down list and then click “Continue”. Please double check the Server and the Character name before you continue.

  • Make sure to double check all the details of your order and once everything is okay, click “Confirm Order”.

  • A message will appear once you have successfully purchased your items and your current balance will be updated. Please remember to always secure an appropriate inventory slot for your items and you must re-login in the game for your items to be inserted.

Note: In purchasing in FlyFFShop, you need to have patience in waiting for the processing time of your transaction. Let the website finish the loading before you do anything else. Do not close the website during the loading/process time to avoid any issue to your transaction.