Installation Guide:


Download the Installer here.


Step 1: Extract “”. If you downloaded the Partial Files already, you may proceed to Step 2.


Step 2: Open the “Flyff_v1.5_Full_Client_Installer.exe” to run the Installation Setup.


Step 3: Click “Next”.


Step 4: Select “I accept the terms in the License Agreement” then Click “Next”.


Step 5: Choose your desire folder destination (default is “C:\Program Files\Playpark\Flyff\”) then Click “Next”.


Step 6: Click “Install” to start the installation.


Step 7: Wait until for the installation to finish.


Step 8: A “Thank you” page will open in your browser after completing the installation.



Step 9: Click “Finish” to close the Installation Window. You may choose your option if you want to launch the game.


Step 10: Just open the “Flyff Online” shortcut in your desktop or start menu to run the game.

Enjoy playing and have fun! Kita-kits sa Roika!