Let’s make every day more exciting and fun! Get awesome rewards daily and complete every 7 days to get Login Bonus Boxes. Attendance is a must FlyFFers!


  • July 3 12:00 PM – July 30 11:59 PM (GMT+8)

1. Play at least one (1) hour every day to get the Daily Rewards.
2. Complete attendance every 7 days to get the Login Bonus Reward.
3. Do not miss a day because you may not complete all the rewards.
4. The level requirement is Level 15+
5. Applied to both Rhisis and Asmodan Servers.

Day 110Upcut StoneYes
Day 22Pink Balloon 6hYes
Day 320Purple Cotton CandyYes
Day 420Red Cotton CandyYes
Day 55Black CoffeeYes
Day 62Scroll of SProtectYes
Day 71Cloak of EXP (7 days)Yes
Day 7 Bonus Item3Login Bonus BoxYes
Day 810Regular Teleport MapYes
Day 92Blue Balloon 6hYes
Day 1020Blue Cotton CandyYes
Day 1120Sky-Blue Cotton CandyYes
Day 1210Intense CoffeeYes
Day 132Scroll of AProtect(Event)Yes
Day 141Cloak of Loot (7 days)Yes
Day 14 Bonus Item7Login Bonus BoxYes
Day 152Yellow Balloon 6hYes
Day 1620Green Cotton CandyYes
Day 1720Pink Cotton CandyYes
Day 1820Gray Cotton CandyYes
Day 1910White CoffeeYes
Day 202Scroll of GProtect(Event)Yes
Day 211Cloak of EXP (7 days)Yes
Day 21 Bonus Item15Login Bonus BoxYes
Day 2210Upcut StoneYes
Day 2320Yellow Cotton CandyYes
Day 2420White Cotton CandyYes
Day 2520Orange Cotton CandyYes
Day 261Tiny Tanuki (3 days)Yes
Day 271Scroll of Amplification Q (1 Day)Yes
Day 281Cloak of Loot (7 days)Yes
Day 28 Bonus Item31Login Bonus BoxYes

Login Bonus Box Content (Random):

Iron Mask 20141no
Neko Soul Mask 20141no
Sentinel Mask 20141no
Twilight Mask 20141no
Wings of an Angel50no
Scroll of Amplification V(12hours)1no
Blue Macaron10no
Pink Macaron9no
Green Macaron9no
Red Macaron9no
Gold Macaron9no
White Cake30no
Green Cake30no
Pink Cake30no
Scroll of Strength1no
Scroll of Dexterity1no
Scroll of Stamina1no
Scroll of Intelligence1no
Scroll of Private Custody8no

Kita-kits sa Roika~

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