Get ready for the big brawl coming. Assemble your guild and prepare for the huge battle in Roika. See the latest updates below:



I. Event Quest Update

  • Hold’em Event Disable
  • New Event: Silver Heart (click here for details)
  • New Event: Raging Dumb Bull (click here for details)



II. New GM Events

  • Typing Attack
    • Schedule: Every Monday
    • Time: 6:00 PM
    • Reward: 5pcs Fierce Dragon Fun Box
  • Julia the Explorer
    • Schedule: Every Thursday
    • Time: 6:00 PM
    • Reward: Wise Dragon Fun Box



III. Other Events

  • Secret Room Invader – June 16
  • Guild Siege Bounty Edition
  • June Attendance Event
  • FlyFF Legend 1v1 Master Psykeeper – Every Tuesday
  • FlyFF Legend 1v1 Master Knight – Every Friday
  • Guild Brawl – TBA very soon



IV. Boboko Upgrading Challenge

  • Upgrade the Bruce Lee Fist with any Element.
  • Trade it for Premium Pets, Premium Ride, Additional Pierce, Additional Upgrade and Perfect Pet Rank.
  • June 16 Trading Registration:

click here for more details



V. FlyFF Shop Update

  • 20% OFF Sale
  • 50% OFF Sale
  • New Exclusive Bundles
  • New Limited Offer

click here for more details


Kita-kits sa Roika!~