FlyFFers ~ Boost up your characters and prepare for the event!

Every Wednesday starting March 17, 2021
Time: 6:00 PM -7 :00 PM
Channel: Rhisis – Channel 3
Channel: Lord Pang – Channel 3

Player must register HERE
Qualified entries will be posted prior the match
The tournament will be held in Live Server, in the Dekane Mines Arena.
Player must login 30 minutes prior the event
If the player is not online by 6:05 PM (GMT+8) the entry will be forfeited
Each round starts with an announcement, Wait for the GM go signal for the next round.
The player with the most damage to the GM within 1 minute wins / The player who kill the GM with the fastest time will win the event
The GM may or may not attack the players, So be Ready.
The winners per batch will move to final round.

Participation Prize
10 pcs Box of Wish
1 pc Effort Box
Warlord Set (M) (7 days)
Warlord Set (F) (7 days)
10pcs Love or Hate Loosers Random Box 2012

Grand Prize
Colosseum Champion’s Fashion Set (M)
Colosseum Champion’s Fashion Set (F)
10pcs Love or Hate Winners Random Box 2012

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