Let’s make every day more exciting and fun! Get awesome rewards daily and complete 14 days to have this fun look fashion and EXP Cloak. Attendance is a must FlyFFers!

Schedule: March 18 – 31, 2019
1. Play at least one (1) hour everyday to get the Daily Rewards.
2. Complete attendance for 14 days to get the Special Reward.
3. Miss a day? Make up for on the next day you login and play.
4. Level requirement is Level 15+

Day 1 12 Upcut Stone Yes
Day 2 24 Activition Yes
Day 3 12 Vital Drink X (Event) Yes
Day 4 12 Refresher Hold (Event) Yes
Day 5 4 Grilled Eel (Event) Yes
Day 6 2 Pink Balloon 6h Yes
Day 7 2 Blue Balloon 6h Yes
Day 8 2 Yellow Balloon 6h Yes
Day 9 5 Pride of Victory (Bind) Yes
Day 10 10 Regular Teleport Map Yes
Day 11 5 Scroll of Resurrection (Event) Yes
Day 12 2 Scroll of SProtect Yes
Day 13 2 Scroll of AProtect(Event) Yes
Day 14 2 Scroll of GProtect(Event) Yes
Special Reward 1 Cloak of EXP (7 days) Yes
1 Fools Glasses No


Fools Glasses
Description: The classiest pair of glasses in Madrigal.


Cloak of EXP (7 days)
Description: Increase EXP gain by 5% and Defense by 5%.
Duration: 7 days
Increase DEF+5%

Kita-kits sa Roika~

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