Flyff or Fly For Fun is the best example of an MMORPG or Massive Multiplayer Online Role-playing Game since it was loved by many players. Among other games, Flyff is the one that acquainted players with various flying equipment, and it has a rich and easily accessible game content that is enjoyable and entertaining for players that are both young and young at heart. In addition, the game maintained its chill ambiance and cool contents by being continuously updated.

However, Fly for fun is not just an enjoyable and entertaining game since its MMORPG game elements is also helpful for the players to interact with one another and build a bond. It is one of the most memorable, exciting, and funny part of the game.

The players can roam in the world of Madrigal. It consists seven large continents namely Flaris, Saint Morning,Garden of Rhisis, Darkon, Shaduwar, Valley of the Risen, and Kaillun Grassland. Each continent has a different roster of monstrous creatures known as “Masquerpet”. There are also three Gods known as Bubble, Shade, and Iblis.

Meanwhile, there are a lot of great activities to do in Madrigal. Players can hunt Masquerpet or take part in a quest that can help them gain experience points. The more quests you finish and Masquerpets killed, the more experience points the players get to help them level up and be more powerful. Players can also explore the whole of Madrigal and discover magical and surprising things in certain places, players can also join a party or a guild, and you can also talk to other players and learn new things together!

Get the surprising items and enjoy the exciting path on reaching the goal of becoming one of the legendary heroes in Madrigal!


Killing Monster

Chose a monster that you want to defeat, double right click on the targeted monster and wait for the object with a four sword-like icon to turn red. Your character will continuously attack the masquerpet.

Level Up and Get Items

The player will gain experience points and item drop from defeated masquerpet. The higher level of the masquerpet you killed the more experience points you gain. But if the player defeated boss monster, the larger possibility of getting rare item drops and more experience points.

Use your Skills to Boost your Attack

Do you want a more accessible way of using skill? Just drag the skill to any hot key window from F1-F9 in the lower part of the monitor. Action Slot Bar: Skills should be use in sequence that is why it was design in puzzle-like shape and it can only be use in the Action Slot window toolbar.

Your Action Slot will look like this when there are not skills set to it:

The first piece of a combo attack:

Connect an appropriately shaped skill to continue the combo:

Place a final fitting piece to complete the combo:


Party System:

Players can create a Party, there are two types of inviting a player to a party. First, just hold down the ALT key and click a player that you want to invite and click “invite to join party”. Second, player can type in the chat box the “/PartyInvite” then the name of the player that you want to invite. For example /PartyInvite Tine10, a green message will show to the other party members chat box.

Party Window:

Players can check their party status by pressing the “P” key or by clicking the game START menu in the lower left part of your screen and select Party Window.

Party Information:

Name: You can change the name of your Party when it achieved the Advanced Party status. Level: In this section you can check the current level status of your Party.
Exp. Point: Your party will gain higher level every time your Party Experience reaches 100%
Party Point: In this section you can check the points status of your Party. It can be use as a special party Skills. However, your party will gain points every time it reaches a new level.

EXP Share:

Level: If the leader of a certain party selects this option, the experience points of the party will be distributed among the party member according to their level.
Contribution: If the leader of a certain party selects this option, the experience points of the party will be distributed among the party member according to the damage that a certain member deals to the monsters. In short, the more damage a member has done to a masquerpet the more experience you gain.

Distribute Item:

Individually: In this type of selection, the items will be dole according to the order players who joined the party.
Sequentially: In this type of selection, items will be distributed to the members in order.
Manually: In this type of selection, the party leader will have all of the items and he/she will distribute the items to the members.
Randomly: In this type of selection, the items will be distributed Randomly to the party members.

Party Tabs:

Transfer: The party leader can chose which member he/she wanted to transfer the party leadership and then click the transfer button.
Leave: If you click this button, you will be removed to the party.
Change: If the party reaches level 10, the party leader can change the party into an advance party. This type of party has more special skills than a normal Party.

Party Skills:

Icon Name Description Points


Call Notifies the  party members where the party leader can be located.  –
Blitz Members are ordered by the party leader to attack the target.
Retreat Members are ordered by the party leader to withdraw.  –
Precision The critical strike rate of the party increases when the members and the party leader are attacking the same target. 1 20sec
Linked Attack The damage rate of the party increases when the members and the party leader are attacking the same target.  1 20sec
Fortune Drop  Masquerpets dropping unique items increases.  5 5min
Resting Recovers health of the party member to 1.5 times faster and 1.8 times faster if the party leader is an Assist.  2 2min
Tresure Hunter  Masquerpets dropping items increases.  8 5min



You can trade with other player just by holding down the ALT key, select a player that you would like to trade with, and click select Trade from the menu.

Trading Information:
Trading Items: Drag the items that you would like to trade into the Trade Window. If an X icon appeared, the item that you would like to trade cannot be traded.
Trading Penya: Drag the bag icon into the trade window and enter in the amount of Penya that you wish to trade.
Confirmation: Both of the trading players must click the OK button to confirm a transaction. Just make sure you double check everything before you confirm a trade!


Left Click Point to a certain place to move your character, click NPC’s for a conversation, click then select a target or option, or pick up items. Double click to attack a monster.
Right Click Long press then move your mouse for a different camera angle.
Scroll Button Controls zoom in and out.
Left Click and Right Click Press both buttons at the same time to jump.
ALT + Left Click Press the ALT key down and click on a player to open the Interaction Menu. You can chose whether you want to trade, add to friends list, party invite, guild invite, duels, following, view equipment and cheer.


Hot Keys:

F1~F9 This section act as hotkeys for items, motions, and skills placed in your Quick Slot Bar. (Right-click on anything in your Quick Slot Bar to remove it.)
1 First of four quick slot bar with 9 slots that you can fill with 9 assigned items, motions, and skills.
2 Second of four quick slot bar with 9 slots that you can fill with 9 assigned items, motions, and skills.
3 Third of four quick slot bar with 9 slots that you can fill with 9 assigned items, motions, and skills.
4 Fourth of four quick slot bar with 9 slots that you can fill with 9 assigned items, motions, and skills.
9 In this key, you can save your current position as a “.txt file”, and it can be found in the Flyff folder of your computer.
0 If you press this key can take a screen capture, the saved file can be found in the Flyff folder on your computer with the file name “capture”.
C It can activate the skills you have assigned on your action slot. It can be found in the bottom right area.
J Opens the duration window, it displays the remaining time and effect of the item.
Enter Activates the Chat Box and enters your typed message.
ESC De-selects a targeted player, monster, item, or NPC.
* Closes all opened windows.



W Command that moves your character forward. Double pressing “W” will cause the character to walk or run forward continuously. When flying, Double pressing “W” will tilt the character forward.
A Can rotate your character to the left.
S While walking forward pressing S can move or character backward. While flying, it can tilt your character upward.
D Can rotate your character to the right.
X Changes between run or walk mode. While during flight, it can be used to activate the Accelor Fuel for your flying device.
Z During flying combat your camera will stick onto your aerial target.
Tab Toggles between valid aerial targets during flying combat.
Space Bar Key to make your character jump. Jumping directions can also be controlled with the keys “A” “W” “S” and “D”.
Arrow Keys Controls the camera angle and direction.
Scroll Lock  First Person mode camera angle. However, pressing the button repeatedly will cause the camera to zoom in.
Page Up The camera focuses on your character, holding the key down can zoom in on your character further.
Page Down The camera focuses away to your character, holding the key down can zoom out on your character further.



Q Opens your Quest Diary window.
E Opens your Personal Messenger window.
T Opens your Character window.
I Opens your Inventory window.
P Opens your Party window.
G Opens your Guild window.
H Opens the Character Stat window.
K Opens the Skill Tree window.
M Opens the World Map.
N Opens the Navigator window.
O Opens the Motion window.
Chat DIalog:

Chat: This channel is for General, unfiltered chatting.
Whisper: To whisper on another player just type “/w” then followed by the player’s name and your message. The message will appear yellow in the recipient’s chat box and a whisper can only be viewed by its sender and the recipient. The “R” key will show the list of the players you have whispered to.
Shout: Shout section expands the range of your message to areas far beyond that of public chat just type “/s” then followed by the message you wish to send, it will appear in purple. You can also purchase a full shout from the premium shop, your shouts can be heard throughout the server’s channels.
Troupe: Troupe section is used for party chat, just type “/p” then followed by the message you wish to send to your party, the message will appear green.
Guild: Guild section is used for guild chat, just type “/g” then followed by the message you wish to send to your Guild Members, the message will appear  in light pink.
Lock: This section will prevent your Chat Box from being moved.
Filter: This section will allow you to select what kind of messages show up in your chat box.
System: This section will display a small window to show your recent whispers, PMs, and official ingame messages.

Character Base:

Name: Your character name
Job: Your job class
Level: Your current level
Server: Your Server Name
Channel: Current Channel you are on
Flying Level: Indicates your Flying Level
Flying EXP: Indicates your Flying EXP

Character Detail:

ATK: Displays your current attack power rate, it also determines your strength status when fighting. The higher attack status you have, the stronger you gets.
DEF: Displays your current defense power rate, it also shows how well you  to resist the strong attacks thrown against you.
Critical: Displays your critical attack percentage chance. The higher this raises the more likely you are going to hit your maximum damage.
A. Speed: Shows your current attack speed rate, it determines how quick you attack your target.
STR: Increases your minimum and maximum physical attack.
STA: Increases your defense as well your HP and FP.
DEX: Increases projectile damage as well as evasion, accuracy and attack speed.
INT: Increases your magical defense as well as your MP. Depending on your class of choice, it may also raise the time durations on your Power Ups.

Character PVP/PK:

PVP Fame: Your PVP title.
PVP: Your PvP points.
PK: Numbers of players you’ve killed (PK-ed).
Disposition: Your karma points.

Messenger Friend:

This section allows you to add a friend using the “+” signs but your offline friends will appear in gray. You can also indicate that you are doing something by selecting from the drop down menu which are; Online, Offline, AFK, Addict Mode, Eating, Resting or Vending and Moving.

Messenger Party:

This window shows the members in your party and their HP. It is also used to target party members that are trapped in groups of monsters. You can also use this window to target specific party members.

Messenger Guild:

Here you can see the members of your Guild that are currently online.




Flarine was known as the “city of new beginnngs’ after its motto “To New Beginnings”. For many years Flarine maintained its appearance eventhough people from all part of the world test their skills and tries their luck in discovering new ones. Flarine’s original inhabitants is the ancient underground chambers that were left behind by the Caoin is presently became a large scaled battles among warriors. Sooner it was known as the Guild Siege, a place where novices and professionals came together as one.

Points of Interest:
» Guild Siege Battle Arena
» Mars Dungeon
» Big Muscle Instance
» Krrr Instance
» Mushmoot Instance


Meanwhile, Saint Morning is also known for its Battle arena and friendly hospitality. Having the vast shipping port in all of Madrigal, Saint Morning’s rich history became the reason and attraction of hundreds of people in coming here. But there is a sinister story behind the happy community of Saint City, based on the rumors that the Mayor is the brain behind the creation of Mia leading to an incident of disappearance of many children in the area. If the rumors are proven to be true, no doubt that the peacefulness in the city will come to end.

Points of Interest:
» Arena
» Pumpkin Town
» Ivillis Temple

Garden of Rhisis

The garden is now a lonely place where the history is almost forgotten by the people. However, those who remembered says that the god Iblis is returning to the garden at night to weep and mourn for his actions and reminisce the past.

Darkon 1,2

Darkon does not have a large amount of inhabitant since it is dangerous in here, despite of this matter young adventurers still chose to explore this land. Following what the great Eight Heroes have done, travelling throughout Darkon accepting the challenge of their lives discovering darkon’s darkest regions.

Points of Interest:
» Clockworks Lair
» Dekane Mines

Darkon 3

Darkon 3 was once a populated City but is abandoned now. It is the most dangerous place in Madrigal because of excessive threats from the monstrous creatures that surrounds the area.

Points of Interest:
» Quest Guardians
» Volcane Mines