FlyFFers, get spookified with #PlayParkFlyFFOnline November Special In-game events!
Have fun and win must-have items now!



Halloween x2 EXP Event

Enjoy the x2 EXP Boost in Bubble Server and x3 EXP and x2 Drop in Iblis from October 31 until November 4, 2018, 11:59 PM.


FlyFF Zombie Quests

Take on the challenge and collect rewards. Join the Zombie quests now and win cool items starting November 1 until November 30, 2018!

Gas it up!
Hunt monsters level 15+ to get Gas Can
Collect 10pcs Gas Can and exchange it to NPC Romero to get 1 Day Chainsaw
This quest is repeatable

Limbs Everywhere!
> Hunt male and female zombies and collect Zombie box
> You can get random items listed below:

– Zombie Head
– Zombie Left Arm
– Zombie Right Arm
– Zombie Left Leg
– Zombie Right Leg
– Zombie Chest
– Baby Aibatt Trans
– Giant Mr. Pumpkin Trans
– Delicious Cookie (F)
– Delicious Cookie (I)
– Delicious Cookie (T)
– Delicious Cookie (A)
– No Disguise
– Blinkwing of Volkane
– Herb of Life

> Collect all Zombie body parts from the box and exchange them with Braaaaaains pet to NPC Dr. Frankenstein.
> Complete all of FITA biscuits and get FREE 30 days FITA Cloak (Speed+5%, DEF+100, Attack+150). Exchange it to Card Master NPC in Eastern Flarine


GM Anthem’s Ghost Hunting

Go find GM Anthem every Saturday and get a chance to win Pumpkin Mask.

Schedule: Every Saturday at 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM
Channel: Any Channel
Winning Condition: First player to find and request trade with GM Anthem
Reward: Pumpkin Mask (HP+100)

– Log in to the game ahead of the appointed time.
– The GM will announce in-game to mark the start of each round, indicated in the announcement is the map where the GM is hiding.
– The winner will be the first player to find and trade the GM.
– Prizes will be awarded on the spot.
– Players can only win once.

We got you covered this November, FlyFFers!

Kita kits sa Roika~