FlyFFers, Iblis has arrived! ~

Here are the status updates for our regular maintenance today (October 24, 2018).


Server Update:

  • New Server Open – Iblis
    • x2 EXP and Drop until November 7, 2018 8:00AM (GMT+8)
    • 8 Channels (Channel 1 – 7 Non-PK, Channel 8 PK)
  • Bubble and Shade
    • Added 2 channels


Patch Update:

  • Anti-Cheat Blocking enabled
  • New Anti-Cheat Splash Image
  • Accounts blocked will get an error: “You have been banned for using unauthorized applications. Please contact Customer Support.”

FlyFF Shop Update:

  • Server Optimized
  • Implemented purchase resitriction: “You can only buy 5pcs per item.”


Items below have been remove from the FlyFF Shop:

Limited Offer:

  • Baby Aibatt
  • Ponytail Hair (F) Orange
  • Luxury Hair (M) Violet
  • Sunglasses
  • Rimless Glasses (Blue)
  • Double Dragon Cloak


FlyFF Online offers new items for you to enjoy! 

Featured Items of the Week:

  • Doggy
  • Hera Hoverbike
  • Iron Mask
  • Rimless Glasses (Purple)
  • Yin-Yang Cloak


– Make sure to provide extra space in your inventory for successful item insertion.
– If the items you purchased from the FlyFF Shop didn’t appear to your inventory, kindly wait for 5 minutes or more and try to relogin your account.
– Please avoid purchasing bulk items from FlyFF Shop for faster queuing. (Maximum of 5 Quantity each items per purchase)


Item Insertion:

  • Where is CM Luna Event Winners (Lamb Set):
    • kaino
    • monsignor
    • FinalHeavenPsy
    • Restarkidd
    • loeya

Sent via Mail.

Future Update:

  • Costume Fushion will be disabled on the next Maintenance (October 31, 2018) to change the fashion and release on the future updates.


Game Policy:

Starting today, October 24, 2018, the Game Policy will be implemented. All sanction and offenses will be applied to all players who violate. Click here.


Servers are now up~
Play now and enjoy the adventure in the World of Roika!