FlyFFers ~ It’s never too late to celebrate the heart’s month, join PlayPark FlyFF at Cagayan de Oro!
Let’s all have fun and win prizes this coming February 24, 2019, starting 10 AM to 7 PM at IPLAY Cybersquare located at  Brgy. 40, Corales hayes st. Cagayan de Oro City.


All players that will go to the event will get the following:

  • PlayPark XP Angelic Wings
  • Almighty Dragon King Set 7 days Box (F/M) – Soul Linked:
    – Crown of the Almighty Dragon King (7 days) – Soul Linked
    – Boots of the Almighty Dragon King (7 days) – Soul Linked
    – Gloves of the Almighty Dragon King (7 days) – Soul Linked
    – Suit of the Almighty Dragon King (7 days) – Soul Linked
    Set Effect:
    – Increase Attack+10%
    – Critical Chances+10%
    – Speed+10%
    – Increase HP+10%
    – Increase Critical Damage+5%



100 PlayPark Load = 1 pick


  • Buy Playpark Load in the event area. Make sure to top-up the load to your account before you present it to the Facilitator. NOTE: Any unused loads are not accepted. Bundle Loads are not allowed to use.
  • Present the used PlayPark Load to the event facilitator together with the receipt.
  • A player has 1 pick chance for every 100 PlayPark Load. Maximum of 10 tries per player only.
  • Here are the prizes that they can get:


– Almighty Dragon King Set without Cloak and Mask
– Wise Dragon King Set without cloak and mask
– Fierce Dragon Set without Cloak and Mask
– 10pcs Dragon Cloak of the Initiate Fun Box
– 20pcs Almighty Dragon Mask Fun Box
– Mistletoe Fashion Set
– Dragon Cloak of the Initiate
– Almighty Dragon Mask
– Wooden Rocking Horse Ride
– Jack Frost Pet (Looter and Buff Pet)
– 10pcs Luzon Power Up Box
– 10pcs Visayas Power Up Box
– 10pcs Mindanao Power Up Box
– 5pcs LuzViMinda Power Up Boxes
– 5pcs Scroll of Amplification R
– 30pcs Upcut Stone
– 30pcs Refresher Hold
– 30pcs Power Scroll
– 30pcs Vital Drink
– and more



Get FREEBIES if you purchase PlayPark Load in the event.
– Purchase the specific amount of load required per item in the Event Area.
– Top-up the load in your account in the Top-up area. Strictly no Top-Up no Bundle Reward Policy will be implemented.

Protection Bundles = 1,000 Load
15pcs Scroll of AProtect
15pcs Scroll of SProtect
15pcs Scroll of GProtect
15pcs Sunstone
15pcs Moonstone


Note: All new players that will play during the freeplay can only have a newbie package.  

Bring 20 peso worth of unused PlayPark Load 

Get your #FlyFFkada and spend an awesome day with us!