Can you feel it? Ooh, Holiday breeze! Feel it more with #FlyFFWinterWonderland updates.
Make your Holiday season more fun and exciting together with your friends with these following updates!


I. Guild Warehouse now open!

It’s time to level up your guild and buff up because of the tough battle is yet to come. Share your items via Guild Warehouse. Make sure to secure your items there.

Guild Warehouse is available in Public Office NPCs in 1st Channel only every server.


II. New Christmas Events (Quest):


III. Daily Events:


IV. FlyFF Shop Update

  • Removed Halloween Content Items
  • Removed the 5pcs Limit per purchase


V. New Items in FlyFF Shop

New Fun Boxes:
Red Bike Fun Box
Polar Bear Fun Box
Mistletoe Fun Box
Almighty Dragon (Not the Dragon King Set part) Fun Box

New Cloaks:
Cloak of the Sheep
Cloak of the Rooster
Cloak of the Monkey
Cloak of the Ox
Cloak of the Dog
Cloak of the Pig
Cloak of the Rabbit

New Fashion Set:
Santa Set


VI. FlyFF Limited Offers:

New Pick-up Pet:
Baby Penguin

New Flying Items:
Air Shark Board
Smile Board

New Hairs:
Ponytail Hair (F) Brown
Luxury (M) Black

New Masks:
Sunglasses (Black)
Glasses (Green)

Available until December 19, 2018, 8:00 AM only.


VII. Special OFFER!

Scroll of Name Change

Available until December 11, 2018, 8:00 AM only.


Play now and enjoy the Holiday treats! <3

Kita kits sa Roika~