All players that will go to the event will get the following:

  • PlayPark XP Angelic Wings
  • Almighty Dragon King Set 7 days Box (F/M) – Soul Linked:
    – Crown of the Almighty Dragon King (7 days) – Soul Linked
    – Boots of the Almighty Dragon King (7 days) – Soul Linked
    – Gloves of the Almighty Dragon King (7 days) – Soul Linked
    – Suit of the Almighty Dragon King (7 days) – Soul Linked
    Set Effect:
    – Increase Attack+10%
    – Critical Chances+10%
    – Speed+10%
    – Increase HP+10%
    – Increase Critical Damage+5%



100 PlayPark Load = 1 pick


  • Buy Playpark Load in the event area. Make sure to top-up the load to your account before you present it to the Facilitator. NOTE: Any unused loads are not accepted. Bundle Loads are not allowed to use.
  • Present the used PlayPark Load to the event facilitator together with the receipt.
  • A player has 1 pick chance for every 100 PlayPark Load. Maximum of 10 tries per player only.
  • Here are the prizes that they can get:


– Almighty Dragon King Set without Cloak and Mask
– Wise Dragon King Set without cloak and mask
– Fierce Dragon Set without Cloak and Mask
– 10pcs Dragon Cloak of the Initiate Fun Box
– 20pcs Almighty Dragon Mask Fun Box
– Mistletoe Fashion Set
– Dragon Cloak of the Initiate
– Almighty Dragon Mask
– Wooden Rocking Horse Ride
– Jack Frost Pet (Looter and Buff Pet)
– 10pcs Luzon Power Up Box
– 10pcs Visayas Power Up Box
– 10pcs Mindanao Power Up Box
– 5pcs LuzViMinda Power Up Boxes
– 5pcs Scroll of Amplification R
– 30pcs Upcut Stone
– 30pcs Refresher Hold
– 30pcs Power Scroll
– 30pcs Vital Drink
– and more



Get FREEBIES if you purchase PlayPark Load in the event.
– Purchase the specific amount of load required per item in the Event Area.
– Top-up the load in your account in the Top-up area. Strictly no Top-Up no Bundle Reward Policy will be implemented.

Protection Bundles = 1,000 Load
15pcs Scroll of AProtect
15pcs Scroll of SProtect
15pcs Scroll of GProtect
15pcs Sunstone
15pcs Moonstone


Note: All new players that will play during the freeplay will get a newbie package.