Build a Teddy for Christmas


Quest Location: Central Flarine
NPC: Baby Snowman
Requirement: Level 15~150 Job: VAGRANT ~ HERO
Objective: Gather Torn Teddy Bear parts to exchange for a Giant teddy Bear.


Baby Snowman



Torn teddy Bear parts drops from Masquerpets level 15+

 Torn Teddy Bear Head x1

 Torn Teddy Bear Arm x1

 Torn Teddy Bear Body x1

 Torn Teddy Bear Leg x1




 Golden Snowflake x1

 Giant Teddy Bear x1


You may exchange Giant Teddy Bear at Little Snowman with a Bucket of Paint for the corresponding Giant Teddy Bear:


 Giant Teddy Bear +  Bucket of Blue Paint and get  Blue Giant Teddy Bear

 Giant Teddy Bear +  Bucket of Pink Paint and get  Pink Giant Teddy Bear

 Giant Teddy Bear +  Bucket of Yellow Paint and get  Yellow Giant Teddy Bear


You can get the Blue, Pink and Yellow Paint Buckets from Masquerpets lvl 15+