Quest for the Golden Apples!


Quest Location: Central Flarine
NPC: Santa
Requirement: Level 15~150 Job: VAGRANT ~ HERO
Objective: Collect 10pcs Golden Apples and bring them to Santa.





 Golden Apples x10


Golden Apples are dropped from Masquerpet level 15+.




 Golden Snowflake x1

 Red Stocking x1



Red Stocking Exchange:


Mysterious Collector



You may exchange 5pcs Red Stocking to 1 Shiny Box


 Red Stocking x5 to Mysterious Collector and get  Shiny Box x1.



Shiny Box Contains:

(Event) Moonstone x1
(Event) Sunstone x1
Topaz x1
Ruby x1
Sapphire x1
Emerald x1
Diamond x1
Beauty Salon Coupon x1
Free Makeup Coupon x1
Scroll of Acquisition (High) x1
NarKeni’s Potion Boxes of the Murderous Vagrant x1


NarKeni’s Potion Boxes of the Murderous Vagrant Contains:

Potion of Recklessness
Potion of Swiftness
Potion of Accuracy
Potion of Clarity
Elixir of the Tiger
Elixir of the Rabbit
Elixir of the Fox
Elixir of the Lion
Elixir of Stone
Elixir of Evasion
Flask of the Tiger
Flask of the Rabbit
Flask of the Fox
Flask of the Lion
Flask of Stone