Shade’s Gift


Quest Location: Central Flarine
NPC: Santa
Requirement: Level 15~150 Job: VAGRANT ~ HERO
Objective: Hunt Mischievous Present Box and gather 25 present boxes.





 Present Box x25


Present Boxes are dropped from Mischievous Present Box Masquerpet




 Golden Snowflake x1

 Christmas Gift Box 2018 x1


Christmas Gift Box contains:

Stylish Santa Set (F)
Stylish Santa Set (M)
Female Snowman Set (7 days)
Male Snowman set (7 days)
Rudolph (F) (7 days)
Rudolph (M) (7 days)
Tamed Bolo (30 days)
Potent Flask Box (1 day)
Scroll of Blessing
Firework Box
Christmas Cake
Christmas Tea
Christmas Cookies