The Rainbow Race is a new feature in Flyff that players can participate in once a week. All you need is to have a flying material and 1,000,000 Penya and you’re pretty much welcome to join!

During the race, Flyffers must soar across the continent to complete 7 mini-games in random order. Each mini-game will be provided by NPCs scattered all over the world of Roika.

Note: The Rainbow Spirit NPCs are located on the floating islands above the continents. The first 10 players to complete these mini-games and return to the Rainbow Race NPC will be rewarded!

1. Flyffers can apply for and participate in the Rainbow Race only in the channel assigned per server.

Rhisis Server
Schedule: Every Friday
Registration Time: 12:00 AM – 6:00 PM (GMT+8)
Race will start at 8:00 PM (GMT+8)
Channel: Luia (PK)
Channel: Iblis (PK)

Lord Pang Server
Schedule: Every Sunday
Registration Time: 12:00 AM – 2:00 PM
Race will start at 4:00 PM
Channel: Luia (PK)

If the race starts and the participant is not online in the assigned channel, the participant will be automatically disqualified.

2. You will then be asked to complete 7 mini-games in random order. The NPCs that host these games are scattered all over Roika. You can click on the Rainbow Race logo (RR) to see which game you have to do.

3. Once the ‘Rainbow Race’ starts, the Rainbow Race icon pops out in the bottom of the navigator. You can check the details by clicking it.

This is the RR Logo

This is the Chart Chart appears when you click on RR logo. The highlighted mini game is where YOU start . Each mini game highlights in its color. Violet for Violet’s mini game , red for red’s mini game and so on and so forth. 
4. After completing the 7 mini games, the characters should go back to the NPC [Rainbow Race Officer] in Darken and press ‘Confirmation of Rainbow Race end’ button.

5. The items listed below cannot be used during the race, however lord skills are available.

  • Blinkwings
  • Summon of Party Leader
  • Friendship (A), (B)
  • Couple Ring
  • Wedding Ring
  • Azria Ticket and/or Coral Island Ticket
Rainbow Box 2020 
Name Qnty Soullink
Rainbow Cloak 1 No
Rainbow Mocomochi Pet 1 No
Remantis Laccotte 5 No
Purple Cotton Candy 1 No
Blue Cotton Candy 1 No
Green Cotton Candy 1 No
Red Cotton Candy 1 No
Sky-Blue Cotton Candy 1 No
Pink Cotton Candy 1 No
Yellow Cotton Candy 1 No
White Cotton Candy 1 No
Gray Cotton Candy 1 No
Orange Cotton Candy 1 No
1 Day Extra Bag 1 No
1 Day Common Bank 1 No
1 Day Full Shout 1 No
Rainbow Cloak
Name Amount Soul-linked Gender Attributes Duration
Rainbow Cloak 1 No ALL Speed+10%
Critical Chance+5%
Decreased Casting Time+5%
Increased Attack+10%
Increased HP+10%

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