FlyFFers, as you take the REBIRTH and reach the highest level, FlyFF will give you a corresponding reward!
Join the Rebirth Leveling Challenge from February 6 until February 27, 2019.


  • Reach the level requirement and get rewarded
  • Each level you attain have a corresponding reward.
  • If you get 121H until February 27, you will get all the rewards.
  • Insertion will be 3 to 7 working days after the event.


Level 121H – Cloak of Wealth (30 days) [soul-linked]
Level 110M – Piyoco (30 days) 291km/h [soul-linked]
Level 90M – 2015 Casual Set (7 days) [soul-linked] – with set effect
Level 70M – Tiny Tanuki (3 days) [soul-linked] – Buff Pet


Cloak of Wealth (30 days):

Item Type: Cloak
Info: Increase chance of drop by 5% and all block by 5%
Bonus Rate:

  • Melee Block+5%
  • Ranged Block+5%
  • Item Drop Rate+5%


Piyoco (30 days):

Item Type: Flying
Info: Evolve the way you experience the sky.
Maximum Speed: 291km/h


2015 Casual Set (7 days):

Item Type: Fashion
Bonus Stats:

  • Set Effect: Increased Attack+10%
  • Set Effect: Critical Chance+10%
  • Set Effect: Speed+10%


Tiny Tanuki (3 days):

Item Type: Buff Pet
Info: A cute, Tiny Tanuki that follows it’s master around and picks up dropped items.


Play now and start farming~