Registration Guide:


How to create Play ID?


Step 1: Visit¬† and click “Sign Up”


Step 2: Choose between Mobile Number or Email Address


Step 2.1: If you select to sign up using your mobile number, just follow the guidelines:

Step 2.1A: Click the flag icon then select your country flag and input your Mobile Number.


Step 2.1B: Put a password combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and must be eight (8) to twelve (12) characters for a strong and secured account then click “Next”.


Step 2.2: If you select to sign up using your Email Address, just follow the steps below:

NOTE: Make sure you have a valid email address to register in this category

Step 2.2A: Complete the required details then click “I am not a robot”


Step 2.2B: Just follow the instruction provided by the reCAPTCHA then click “Next”


Step 3: Success notification will show telling that you have successfully register an account


Step 4: Verify your account by logging in your email and check the mail that was sent by Click the “Verify Email Now” to complete the registration. For mobile number registration, you will receive a text message of OTP for verification to complete the registration.


Step 5: Registration complete! You may now login and play. Don’t forget to update your Playpark Profile for security purposes.