Roikans ! Know more information about our basic FAQ on our upcoming SERVER MERGE and get ready for the rise of RHISIS!

Q: How many servers will merge?

A: 2 Servers: Rhisis and Asmodan

Q: What is the name of the new server?

A: The server name will still be Rhisis.

Q: What happens if I have multiple characters under one single account under 2 Servers (Rhisis and Asmodan) Will of characters under my account still exist?

A: Yes. Once the merge has been executed, all of your characters will be under one account based on the previous 2 servers. Each account will have a maximum of 12 character slot, and it will depend on how many characters you have based on each server applied to Play ID, Google, and Facebook Accounts.

Q:   Will my friends on Messenger be deleted?

A: No, all of your friends won’t be deleted.

Q: What happens if I have an Identical “In-game name” to other servers? Will my IGN automatically changed? or Lost?

A: Character names will not be changed and is not possible to have an identical name even under different servers. In case there’s a duplicate name, the first user who used the character name won’t need change name, but for others, they will need to change their character name. There will be a FREE change name on the first login.

Q: Will Couple EXP change in-game?

A: No,  Couple EXP will remain the same.

Q: How about Character Details? (level, exp, stats, skills, quest, PK status, etc.)

A: Nothing will change after merging. Including the bank pin. 

Q: How about the Items: Equip, Inventory, Bag, Bank, Mail, Running Duration of Premiums, Item Options (Element, Fashion Upgrade and Upgrade), Looter/Buff Pets, Attribute Pets, Fashion Sets, Transmuted Items.

A: Your precious items will not be looted and will stay the same after merge.

Q: What happens if we have the same guild name to other servers?

A: Guild Name pop up window will appear whenever you use a duplicate name. If the Guild Master of a  Guild with the same name doesn’t log in for 1 month or more, yield Guild Master authority to Kingpin member. However, if initial Guild Master continues to play the game after 1 month, change Guild Master authority to original Guild Master

Q: What will happen to the items and penya stored in Guild Warehouse?

A: Penya and Stored items will remain the same

Q: What will happen on the Guild Siege Application after the merge?

A: All guild should not apply on any guild siege after November 4. Any Application will be forfeited and will not be compensated after the said date. You can start sending Guild Siege Application after the merge.
Guild Siege Channel will be IBLIS (Channel3)