Try your LUCK and win the JACKPOT!

– Level 15+
– Buy 10pcs Pumpkin (2,000,000 Penya each) to Naughty Demain
– Exchange the pumpkins to “Mayor of Flarine” for RPS Coupon (10pcs Pumpkins = 1 RPS Coupon)
– Use RPS Coupon to Naughty Demian to play Rock-Paper-Scissor.
– When a player wins, he/she may continue for a better reward or just the entitled reward.
– If the user loses upon the continuation, no reward will be given.

1Mysterious Pill 
2Premium Teleport Map
3NarKeni’s Potion Box of the Murderous Vagrant
4Extra Bag (15 days)
5Scroll of Smelting
6Scroll of Amplification ES (S)
81pc Scroll of Unbinding
9Destruction Prevention Scroll
10Cloak of the Noble King