Secret Room is an Instance Dungeon that has the same feature of the weekly siege but this is a PvM. The guilds must vanquish the 100 mutant giant and a level 121 boss, Asmodan. The fastest guild to finish the dungeon during the event will win. Secret Room is divided into two regions, the Secret Room East (Flaris) and the Secret Room West (Darkon). The guild leader of the winning guild will have the authority to set a one-time tax rate for all NPC shops (depends on where region the guild wins).


  • Guilds must be at least level 20 to enter the bidding competition to enter the Secret Rooms. Make sure the Guild Leader talks to the Secret Room Manager NPC.
  • Secret Room East: Secret Manager NPC in Central Flaris, Secret Room West: Secret Manager NPC in Darkon. Guilds can only bid on one room at a time.
  • Guilds must bid for entry, with 100,000,000 penya being the minimum bid required.
  • The top eight guilds with the highest bids can enter the Secret Rooms only on Sundays (see schedule below).
  • Only 10 members, from each of the highest bidding guilds, can actually enter the Secret Rooms—so choose them wisely. Again, make sure the Guild Leader talks to the Secret Room Manager NPC.
  • Upon entry to the room, all buffs are dispelled, and all parties of the participating members are removed.
  • Once your group arrives inside the room, you can reform parties and rebuff each other.
  • If a player (who isn’t a guild leader) dies during the fight, they will spawn next to their respective Secret Room Manager.
  • The manager will allow them to re-enter the event. The player will be teleported to their guild leader automatically.

Time Schedule

  • Sunday: 7:00 PM (GMT+8) – Application window ends. The guilds with the top 8 bids will be eligible for entry. Guild Leaders should proceed to register their 10 participating members.
  • Sunday: 8:00 PM (GMT+8) – Registration time ends, each guild should enter their respective rooms.
  • Sunday: 8:10 PM (GMT+8) – Combat begins.
  • Sunday: 10:10 PM (GMT+8) – Combat Ends.

Win/Loss Conditions

The following conditions will result in a guild winning or losing the event.


  • Defeat the final boss within the 2-hour time limit, before any other guild you are competing against.


  • Another guild defeats the boss monster first.
  • All guilds fail to defeat the boss monster during the allotted time.
  • A Guild leader is killed during the battle (that leader’s guild loses).
  • A Guild’s leader logs out.

A guild who successfully wins their respective room will be rewarded with the following:

Guild Leader:

  • The Guild Leader will be given the authority to set a one-time tax rate for all NPC shops, for the duration of 1 week. The tax rate can be between 5%-20%.
  • If there is no winning guild, the tax rate is set to 0%.
  • If the winning guild’s leader does not set the tax rate by Monday 00:00, the rate is set to 5% automatically.
  • 45% of all taxes collected are delivered via mail daily at 24:00.

Guild Members:

  • No extra privileges are known for guild members.


Monster Present

  • Great Catsy
  • Great Harpy
  • Great Gullah
  • Great Abraxas
  • Great Hague
  • Great Tengu
  • Great Asterius
  • Great Dantalian
  • Great Gannessa
  • Great Asuras
  • Small Nyx
  • Nyx
  • Captain Nyx
  • Asmodan