Here are the aspirants FlyFF Star of the Month

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Name: Randholf Ricamara
IGN: Bellatrixxx

Why you should be our PlayPark FlyFF Star of the month?
I should be your PlayPark Flyff Star of the month basically because I can outshine everyone here not by being the most shining and shimmering aura as a result of maximum upgrades but in delivering a message towards next generation players on how to find their own purpose and vision in playing our beloved game. Instead of showcasing how mighty and prominent your avatar is, be strong in encouraging everyone to feel that they belong. Man, we’ve been here since day one, can we, ourselves, change the game how it typically goes? Definitely yes. Be a role model in contrast of being just a model. Take away your pride and be selfless in giving appreciation to those who still want to be part our family. Paving the way is more meaningful than leading the way. The game will not always be here for us, but the camaraderie and team spirit that has been formed will always live forever. On the other hand, here’s a friendly reminder: Pick your mate wisely, a single, perished tomato can ruin a tons of them. Your lovely, old and trusted friend can stab you anytime, AT YOUR BACK. Xoxo

What makes FlyFF your favorite game?
FlyFF made me my favorite or the game that I loved the most rather, simply because it fulfill my satisfaction everytime I play since it was first introduced way back circa 2005 (if am not mistaken). It also reduces my stress by being with my friends in game after a long, tiring day.

Name: John McAllister A. Hipolito
IGN: EngrJake1925

Why you should be our PlayPark FlyFF Star of the month?
Because I am giving motivation to the players to continue playing FlyFF as well as inspiring them by doing live streams of the game. Together with my classmate, we assists and help newbies specially in leveling.

What makes FlyFF your favorite game?
Ever since, i’m addicted to MMORPG and FlyFF gameplay is the one i liked the most. Also, my friends are still playing and that makes FlyFF my favorite game.