Event Duration: April 20 to May 24, 2020

  • Open to all Official Speed Server Guilds
  • Participants must join the Guild Siege in the Meteonyker Server to earn points. (10:00 PM to 11:00 PM GMT+8)
  • The Guild ranking achieved during the daily Guild Siege will be the basis of the points.
  • Win 2 consecutive guild siege and get additional 10 siege points.
  • Each rank has the corresponding Siege Points:
Rank 1 Guild 10 Points
Rank 2 Guild 8 Points
Rank 3 Guild 6 Points
Rank 4 Guild 4 Points
Rank 5 Guild 2 Points
Rank 6 Guild and below 1 Point
  • The Guild with the most earned points by the end of the season will be declared the winner.
  • Updates in Siege Point rankings will be posted every Friday.
  • In case of a tie at the end of the season, the Guild who first reached the said points will be declared the winner.
  • All participants are required to play fairly and conduct themselves in a sportsmanlike manner.
  • Any violation or abusive behavior will merit penalties for the player and the whole Guild. No feeding. No Bug exploitation and the like. Players caught during the guild siege will automatically be disqualified from the event season along with the whole Guild.
  • Using ways to make opponent players distract the gameplay, like spamming party invite and spamming message alert is not allowed. Players reported using the said illegal process will be blocked permanently including all the characters using the same IP. If the investigation will prove that the IP used is one of the players of the participating guilds during the event, they will be disqualified.
  • A guild that will do an intentional log-out during the siege to prevent the opponent guilds to earn more points will consider forfeit during the match and will be disqualified in the event.
  • Winners of this Season will receive a Final 4 slot in the Siege Lord tournament finals – one of the qualifying activities on the Road to FPC 2020.
  • The winning guild will get in-game rewards for their corresponding accounts in the official servers – Rhisis or Lord Pang.
  • Mechanics may be subject to change throughout the event period if deemed necessary by the FlyFF team.
  • The insertion of rewards is based on Guild’s server.
    • If the Rank 1 guild is from Rhisis, they will receive the Rank 1 reward of Rhisis.
    • If the Rank 2 guild is from Lord Pang, they will get the Rank 2 rewards of Lord Pang.
    • If the Rank 3 guild has characters in both Rhisis and Lord Pang, the Guild Master will choose which server will receive the rewards.



Php 15,000 EB Package
10,000 PlayPark Load
In-Game Items

Runner Up:

Php 10,000 EB Package
5,000 PlayPark Load
In-Game Items




4pcs Almighty Meteonyker Set (6/6)
4pcs Fierce Meteonyker Set (6/6)
4pcs Wise Meteonyker Set (6/6)
2pcs Skeleton’s Devil Cloak (with stats)
1 Set of +10 (0/10) Ultimate Devil Weapons [with 2pcs +10 (0/10) Devil’s Shield]

Runner Up:

2 pcs Almighty Meteonyker Set (4/4)
2 pcs Fierce Meteonyker Set (4/4)
2 pcs Wise Meteonyker Set (4/4)
1pc Skeleton’s Devil Cloak (with stats)
1 Set of Ultimate Ancient Weapons

Lord Pang:


4 pcs Almighty Dragon King Set(6/6)
4 pcs Fierce Dragon King Set (6/6)
4 pcs Wise Dragon King Set (6/6)
2 pcs Cloak of the Noble King
1 Set of +10 (0/10) Ultimate Bloody Weapons
1 Set of Ultimate Gladiator’s Gold Weapons

Runner Up:

2 pcs Almighty Dragon King Set (4/4)
2 pcs Fierce Dragon King Set (4/4)
2 pcs Wise Dragon King Set (4/4)
1 pc Cloak of the Noble King
1 Set of Ultimate Gladiator’s Gold Weapons

See you in our #FlyFFOfficialSpeedServer!