Event Duration: June 3 until All Classes will have level 150


  • This event is for Rhisis Server only.
  • Open to all players in Rhisis Server
  • The first player of each class who reaches level 150 will get the reward.
  • Each class will have 1 winner:
    • Slayer
    • Templar
    • Seraph
    • Force Master
    • Harlequin
    • Crackshooter
    • Mentalist
    • Arcanist
  • Winners will get the NEW Angelic Wings (First ever in FlyFF Official Server)
  • The winner is required to send a screenshot of his/her character wearing the wings to promote on our official Facebook Page.
  • Insertion of Reward is within 15 days after the player reaches level 150.


Angelic Wings (Cloak):

Animated GIF

This item can be transmuted to any cloaks (except the durational) and can be traded.